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4 Unique Outdoor Furniture Pieces Your Yard is Missing

By RST Brands
June 14, 2015

Your backyard looks pretty good. You've got your outdoor furniture cleaned, your cushions fluffed, and your garden planted, but what's missing? If it has been a while since you've purchased outdoor furniture, and if it's still in good condition, you might be wondering what is left to do. To help you figure it out, we've highlighted a few unique outdoor furniture pieces and trends that can bring your backyard up-to-date and refresh your outdoor space.

1. Mix and Match Furniture

Eclectic furniture has quickly risen to the top of indoor decor, and the trend is now making its way outside. Replace fading cushions with mixed patterns and bold colors or mix wicker and iron pieces for a contemporary, yet rustic feel. If you already have a patio furniture set, try adding new pieces around your yard to spice things up. Introduce a shabby chic hammock or stressed rocking chair to the corner of the patio or bury a unique bench by the garden or in between the trees. Stashed furniture allows you to mix it up without disrupting your current set up and sits as a fun surprise for curious friends to find.

2. Add Flexible Pieces

Multi-purpose outdoor furniture items are fun to experiment with and maximize small spaces. When you're perusing for new furniture, think of how a piece could be used in multiple ways to augment the possibilities of your purchase. Folding tables are flexible, as are outdoor storage bins that can double as a bench or ottoman when you add a cushion to maximize your space and provide extra seating. Many outdoor furniture items are designed to be fashionable as well as functional, so keep an eye out for those multi-purpose pieces

3. Throw In Some Clay

To break up the monotony of all metal or wicker furniture, use clay outdoor items or accessories around your yard. Clay is a beautiful, natural material that works well outdoors. It can hold up through sun and rain and the reddish hue compliments green foliage well. Clay pots with herbs, wild flowers or cacti look beautiful around the patio. Or find a glazed clay garden stool to use as an end table. The stool can add a pop of color and be used to sport a potted plant or hold ice-cold lemonades on a hot day.

4. Pick Out a Picnic Table

Picnic tables have become a popular backyard accessory over the years. This vintage outdoor furnishing is great for people who entertain or eat outside regularly, as it provides plenty of conversation-starting seats. If you have time, visit barn sales or hunt through vintage shops to find a unique piece. Otherwise you can find quality long tables for a reasonable price online. You can decorate a picnic table to elevate a backyard party. Find a chic tablecloth and classic dishware to dress up a barbeque or use the table to organize a brunch buffet with an eclectic food display. The decor possibilities of a picnic table are what has made it such a popular outdoor furniture item.


Spice up your backyard this season with creative, multi-purpose pieces. If you're in need of new design ideas to bring your patio from drab to fab, RST Brands might be able to help. Don't let your backyard space go to waste this summer and open up its potential with quality outdoor furniture made from artful designs by RST Brands.