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4 ways to make your deck more comfortable for summer

4 ways to make your deck more comfortable for summer
By RST Brands
August 13, 2014

Summer weather is a bit of a conundrum, as you'recaught between wanting to spend time outside and hoping to avoid the heat. Of course, you really should enjoy the weather while it lasts - you'll be missing the sun come winter. Besides, with a little ingenuity and a lot of creativity, you can make your deck a comfortablespot to relax. Here are a number of ways you can upgrade your outdoor living space to be more conducive to summer lounging:

1. Install an outdoor ceiling fan
You can't use air conditioning outside, but you can create a gentle and cooling breeze by installing a ceiling fan - not to mention, the moving air will deter mosquitos. If you have a covered deck or porch, your space is ready for fan installation! Depending on how large the deck is, you may need more than one fan. Ideally, you should install the fan over the area in which you'll set up seating. That way, you'll feel the air on you as you lounge.

2. Add shade
A covered porch will reduce the amount of sunlight you're exposed to while lounging outside, but if you don't have a ceiling, you have to get creative. Patio umbrellas can cover your open porch to protect you from ultraviolet light and keep you cool. You can purchase umbrellas that are supported by a center rodor models that hang over your space, such as the Portofino Resort Umbrella from RST Brands. The shading portion of this product reaches out over your space to provide shelter from the sun. The articulating umbrella head allows you to move the shade where you want it to be.

3. Put out lounge chairs
Comfortable outdoor seating is what will make you want to spend time outside. Sitting on your porch and looking out at the beautiful summer weather is a sure-fire way to relax. Of course, if you're going to lounge, you should do it in style and comfort! RST Brands makes numerous loungers perfect for helping you stay relaxed outdoors all summer long. Here are a few of our favorite seats:

Astoria Five-Piece Club Chair and Ottoman Set: With two chairs, two ottomans and a side table, the Astoria set allows you to kick back and unwind. Each piece is made of durable and lightweight aluminum. The cushions are constructed of weatherproof fabric so you won't have to worry about rain ruining your outdoor time.

Deco Chaise Lounge With Cushions: This set of two loungers features cozy cushions perfect for helping you relax. The cushions are made of weatherproof fabric and the frames use durable rattan wicker.

4. Decorate with plants
Plants can keep a space cool and clean the air. Decorating your porch or deck with potted plants will not only enhance the visual atmosphere, but make lounging in the spot more comfortable. Plants absorb energy to perform photosynthesis, so hanging out near a tree or other shrubs when the weather's hot will cool you down much better than standing near a building will. Pick some of your favorite flowers, grasses and shrubs to plant near your deck or place in a planter.