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5 Ways to Light Your Deck This Summer (Plus Some Other Great Information)

5 Ways to Light Your Deck This Summer (Plus Some Other Great Information)
By RST Brands
April 5, 2022

Coordinating Lighting and Furniture

You can have so much fun with your outdoor furniture layout, and part of that fun is enhancing it with lighting. Chairs circled around a pinnacle table can be illuminated with soft lights under the chairs and wickless candles on the table. Or better yet, make it super cozy as you chat around a gorgeous fire table.

What is the Best Light for the Deck?

You want to use a light that allows good visibility, but that does not take away your night vision. Soft lights work well, but even soft lights in a white hue can lead to momentary vision loss, leading to a hazardous misstep.

Red lights have long been used as night-vision illumination, and they are still a good option, but preparedness advice experts now realize that our eyes are more receptive to green or blue-green light, so this may be a better choice for your deck lighting. Green and blue-green also allow a lower brightness level for a softer ambiance.

What Can I Use for Deck Lights?

When it comes to deck lighting, the rule is “Be safe and have fun.” Tiki torches and citronella candles may look cool, but they can be hazardous in certain situations. That’s ok; there are a lot of flameless options available.

1. Rope Lights

Twisted around umbrella stands and brackets, twirled around railings, or run just about anywhere on your deck, rope lights can add light and adornment at the same time.

2. Lanterns

Hanging or stationery, lanterns can be strategically placed to add illumination through solar power, LED lights, or hard-wired to a switch. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, from old-time railroad lamps to Chinese paper lanterns.

3. String Lights

Those bulbs have long since moved from the Christmas tree to a more utilitarian use year-round. Bright-white for extra visibility, multi-colored for zip and pizazz, and a little twinkle with string lights.

4. Mason Jars

You can quickly make tabletop lamps using jars, sand, and flameless LED tea lights. Or go for the faux firefly look with a set of solar-powered LED fairy lights twisted together in jars.

5. Glowsticks

Use those same mason jars or some clear glass vases to create a funky light source on your outdoor furniture. You can crack the sticks, shake them up, pop them in whole and intact, or activate them and pour the liquid into water for a groovy lava lamp-type vibe.

How to Hang Lights On Deck Railing

Before deciding how to hang your lights, choose how permanent you’d like them to be. If the installation is temporary, do something easily removal, like 3M Command Strips or cup hooks. For something more lasting, consider using furring strips that you secure into the ground and onto which you hang the lights. You can also stain or paint them to match your decor.

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Lights, Laughter, and Love

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