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7 Backyard Pool Furniture Ideas for Your Dream Oasis

7 Backyard Pool Furniture Ideas for Your Dream Oasis
By RST Brands
April 30, 2022

But don’t fret—you are not the first to run from society into the warm embrace of a summer day by the water. The first step is to set the stage for that perfect pool day, and we’re here to help. 


Follow us as we guide you through seven backyard pool furniture ideas that will get your creative juices flowing. Your perfect pool day awaits.

  1. Enjoy the Classic Choice: Chaise Loungers

If you’ve wondered what the chairs next to every pool are called, here’s your answer. No poolside paradise is complete without a chaise lounger or two (or four).


These must-have loungers have come a long way from the uncomfortable (and unsightly) plastic versions you might find at your neighborhood pool. You can find beautiful chaise loungers to match your unique style. 

Whether you want to read, take a nap, or just soak in the sun, these chairs will be your favorite place in the world. We aren’t judging if you take those Zoom meetings poolside, either.

  1. Stay Cool and Comfortable: Outdoor Umbrellas

One of the most practical poolside furniture ideas is an outdoor umbrella. Sadly, many of these are too hideous to mention. But your umbrella needn't be an eyesore. Adding the right one can complete the look of your backyard oasis and give you much-needed functionality. 

It’s not an excuse to skip your sunscreen (you want to protect that pretty skin, don’t you?), but having an umbrella to shield you from those rays will save your life. Instead of being forced inside, you can keep the fun going all day long.

  1. Gather Around: Outdoor Dining Sets

If you want your backyard pool to be a hot hangout spot, don’t skip the outdoor dining set. There’s nothing quite like sitting around with family and friends enjoying lunch by the pool. 

A dining set is the pool patio furniture idea you didn’t know you needed (but you do). Or bring out your inner romantic and plan a poolside candlelit dinner for two. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Add Ambience: Fire Tables

Looking for small pool deck furniture ideas that have a major impact on your space? You need a fire table.


You’ve told stories around a campfire, and now you can bring that magical feeling of connecting with others around an open flame to your own backyard. Or you can trade the scary stories for a romantic evening lit by the fire—who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Be More Flexible: Modular Furniture Sets

Are you ready for one of the best pool deck furniture ideas out there? Two words: modular furniture

Listen, change is a natural part of life. We all learn that sometimes our needs and wants are going to evolve. That may happen more often for your backyard pool furniture than you think. 

Put your set pieces together to make a longer couch, or split them apart to make individual chairs. 


These kinds of furniture sets give you a variety of desirable seating options. It’s like a seating buffet! Just without all the extra calories of trying to get your money’s worth and the inevitable shame and regret to follow.

  1. Lounge in Luxury: Hammocks

When asking yourself what furniture goes around a pool, a hammock probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it should be. There is nothing like relaxing in a hammock on a hot summer day, drinking in one hand, and reading books.

Now that is luxurious living. 

  1. Practice Poolside Practicality: Storage Solutions

At this point, you might be asking yourself: How much pool furniture do I need? The answer is, at least one more thing.

A storage solution

You’ve got your loungers, your gathering places, your shade source, but what you’re missing is a place to store all the poolside essentials. Grabbing a few simple bins or a bench that doubles as a storage solution will be a lifesaver when it comes time to clean up.

Find All Your Poolside Furniture at RST Brands

We’ve got your back while you create your great escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. You want pieces that will match your style and add functionality to your space. This is the big leagues, no more of the white plastic chairs from the past.

The best choices in outdoor furniture are a click away. Don’t be shy. Meet all your poolside furniture needs at RST Brands, and get that summer glow.