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7 Low-Maintenance Backyard Design Ideas to Set You Free

7 Low-Maintenance Backyard Design Ideas to Set You Free
By RST Brands
February 28, 2022

 Yep, that’s the work you do when you’re not working.


Certainly, there’s something to be said for the smell of freshly cut grass and the sweat equity earned from a day of laboring in the yard. Those hours out in the garden may be your one chance in the week to stop and smell the roses (pun intended).


But—if you’re not keen on spending the whole weekend doing tons of household chores and yard work, take hope! We’re coming at you with our favorite low-maintenance backyard design ideas to help you live your best life.

1. Say Goodbye to That Lawn

A bright green lawn is as American as apple pie. But that pretty grass is also guzzling a whole lot of water, money, and time. If you’re willing to replace your lawn with hardscaping or xeriscaping, you’ll spend a lot less time on yard maintenance and do Mother Nature a favor. No need to swap your green grass for a drab slab of concrete. Opt for an intricate brick courtyard, outdoor tiles, or budget-friendly pea gravel. You could even go all-out and create a backyard patio bar. There are plenty of ways to make your patio beautiful, practical, and eco-friendly!

2. Install Synthetic Lawn

Can’t give up on the idea of a perfectly green lawn? No problem. You can still get the look you want and skip the water and lawn maintenance by simply installing a synthetic lawn instead of traditional grass. These days, synthetic lawns go well beyond Astroturf. So, do your research and figure out which type of artificial grass is best for your needs. Then say goodbye to the lawnmower, kick up your feet, and enjoy the view.

3. Choose Perennial, Native Plants

The local movement extends well beyond the farmer’s market, folks! Adapt the same ideology with your backyard plants, and you’ll thank yourself as you enjoy more free time and less labor in the yard. Native plants can withstand the elements in your region, meaning you won’t have to go out of your way to keep them alive. Better yet, plant perennials to enjoy year after year—no effort required.

4. Spread Mulch

Here’s one of the key principles of Landscaping 101: spread mulch! Whether you want to prevent weeds, retain moisture, or improve the look of your yard, mulch is the answer. Spread mulch around your planter boxes and bushes once every spring, and you’ll be rewarded with a lower-maintenance yard the rest of the year. (Or choose hardwood mulch and refresh it just once every other year. Cheers to that!)

5. Plant Ground Cover

Ground cover like moss or creeping thyme is ideal for those smarties who want a beautiful yard without all the work. It spreads on its own and creates a soft, lush landscape that turns any backyard into an oasis. And best of all? It never needs to be mowed or trimmed. Combine ground cover with pavers, bushes, and other plants to create a layered, interesting design.

6. Build Raised Beds

Looking for backyard ideas without grass? Raised beds are one of the best ways to dress up a boring yard, adding greenery and a touch of nature that can easily be transformed year after year. Try your hand at growing tomatoes, flowers, or herbs—the possibilities are endless! Spread pea gravel around your raised beds for a sophisticated European look that begs for a garden dinner party.

7. Build a Shed

A shed doesn’t have to be that dark, damp place where spiders and rusty tools thrive. Take advantage of your yard space and build a shed that’s 100% you. Make it your art studio, crafting space, workshop, guest room, playhouse—whatever will get you out there and enjoy your yard. Paint it a bright color, add a patterned rug and some comfortable seating, and your shed might be your new favorite place to hang out.

Enjoy Your Low-Maintenance Yard!

Start planning those Saturday adventures or Friday nights out of town because a maintenance-free yard design is the ticket to freedom, liberty, and relaxation for all. And while you’re at it, pick up some minimalist, durable outdoor furniture to help you make the most of your yard. Check out RST Brands to find outdoor sofas, dining sets, coffee tables, and even more easy, low-maintenance backyard ideas.