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Are Fire Pit Tables Worth It? [What To Know]

Are Fire Pit Tables Worth It? [What To Know]
By RST Brands
June 27, 2022

Blend your fire table set with the beauty and convenience of a table and beautiful patio chairs. Your fire table set is the beginning of an outstanding outdoor entertainment area.

What Is a Fire Table?

A fire pit table is a beautiful and stylish piece of furniture that is ideal as the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area. It is a merger of purpose and practicality with style and statement. Rustic and rural or sleek and classy, there are many designs to fit almost any taste.

The Benefits of a Fire Pit Table

If you are pondering the question, “Are fire pit tables worth it?” you need to look no further than the incredible benefits provided by investing in a quality fire table.


  • You don’t need to find firewood.

  • Use of propane eliminates the need to run a natural gas line.

  • There are no hot coals to extinguish or ash to dispose of.

  • Easy push-button lighting means instant fire.

  • There are no sparks.

  • It is smoke-free, so no more being chased away by smoke or having smoky clothes, skin, and hair.

  • There can be a calming effect in watching a fire.

  • The table area is convenient for dining, drinks, and playing games.

  • People come together and engage in conversation rather than staring blankly at screens.

  • You can make great memories.


A fire pit table can increase your property's value; best of all, it can be used all year round, any time of day. Chilly morning? Start the fire and warm up with a cup of coffee or tea. Cool evening? Light the flame and relax with a loved one and a glass of wine.

What To Look For In a Fire Pit Table

When you are ready to purchase a fire pit table, you want to invest in a quality one. There is no doubt there are cheap ones out there, but you will get what you pay for and most likely regret it as you’re replacing it much sooner than planned.


Some key elements you want to look for in a fire pit table include:


  • Durable materials to withstand the elements.

  • 12-14 inch height to keep little ones safe, feel warm, and enjoy the flame from a patio chair.

  • Use of a clean-burning fuel like liquid propane.

  • Protective lid for when the fire pit table is not in use.

  • Easy start, easy access to the fuel tank, and easy flame control.


As always, fire pit safety is of the utmost importance. Always have an extinguisher nearby in case of emergency, whether it be a dry chemical extinguisher, a bucket of water, or a hose. Consider adding a windshield around the fire area to keep little hands from getting near the flames.


Before installing your fire pit table, ensure you understand your current municipal regulations concerning fire pits and fire pit tables.

Fire Pit Design: Form or Function or a Little of Both?

Fire Pit tables come in various shapes and sizes so that you can do incredible things with small outdoor patio ideas with a fire pit. The glow of a fire adds an ambiance that is alluring and enticing. Add stonework, wood structures, statuary, and plants that enhance and work with your fire, creating shadow art.

Highlight your fire table and outdoor furniture with gorgeous offset-colored pavers, or create a mosaic design. Make your seating area super comfy with swivel chairs, or, the coup de grace, swing away in a hammock as you gaze into the flames.

Fire Pits, Furniture, and More

Are fire pit tables any good? Fire pit tables aren’t just good; they are amazing. They add elegance and grace to any backyard patio or outdoor entertainment area. Start with the fire table as your centerpiece, and then add pieces around it. Check out the beautiful pieces and furniture sets from RST Brands.