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Best places to store your outdoor furniture this winter

By RST Brands
November 23, 2014

As snow starts to fall in cooler regions of the country, you should consider what to do with your outdoor furniture sets. Leaving them outside in winter can cause damage, so indoor storage is a must. Though your pieces are built for outdoor use, the freezing temperatures, moisture and winds often associated with the season are a bit harsh - plus, you want your investments to stay in the best shape possible (no snowy seat cushions for your furniture). Here are a few ideas for where to store your outdoor furniture during winter:

A shed If you have a shed, you may consider putting all of your outdoor seating there for winter. Most homeowners use their sheds for outdoor items, so your furniture will fit right in. Storage tips:Make sure your shed is water tight so moisture from snow doesn't get inside. Liquid can work its way into the cracks in your furniture, which isn't good when it goes through freeze and thaw cycles - the water expands into ice, making cracks bigger. Because some sheds aren't as secure as, say, your house, you should make use of your furniture covers. They can help prevent unwanted moisture from sliding into your pieces.

The basement Many homeowners use their basement as storage area, and you can too. If you have a basement, consider putting your outdoor furniture there for winter. You may need help carrying the bigger pieces down the stairs, so be sure someone else is with you during your backyard winterprep-a patio hammock is not as light as you may think. Storage tips:Make space before you start moving the furniture so you'll know everything fits. Some outdoor chairs fold up into a nice box shape that's easy to stack while others are a bit more cumbersome. By planning your storage ahead of time, you won't have to fumble around to make space. As with the shed, be sure to cover all of your pieces. Basements are notorious for leaks. In fact, you may even want to check your basement for water leaks and repair them prior to moving your items inside - flash floods aren't common in winter, but you never know!

Garages Garages may be intended for vehicle storage, but with a bit of finagling, yours can become a winter home for your outdoor seating. Depending on how large your garage is, the space may only be adequate enough to hold furniture that folds flat (i.e., lounge chairs). Storage tips: Most of the horizontal space will be taken up by your cars, so use vertical area instead. Hang your folding pieces on the wall so they don't eat into your floor space. If you have a lot of extra room in your garage, you may be able to place larger pieces in there too.

Attic Sitting above your house may be an untapped space: the attic. If yours is finished (or at least finished enough for storage), you can use it for your outdoor furniture. Storage tips: Attics can be cold and leaky, so make sure yours is all patched up before you place your items inside. As always, use the furniture covers.