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Celebrate Easter Outdoors

By RST Brands
April 20, 2014

Spring is upon us, the Easter season is quickly approaching, and people are ready for backyard picnics, barbecued food and gamesfor adults and children. It is a time for outdoor activities and a chanceto reunite with the people you love the most. Throwing an Easter partymight take some planning ahead,but the fun you'll have and all the memories you'll make are worth all that hard work. Invite all your friends and family over and have a great time with these Easter-themed ideas: Easter egg hunt The traditional Easter egg hunt is a great way to get everybody at your party into the celebratory mood. Hide eggs in the grass, flower garden, in-between cushions on your outdoor furniture set. Here are a few ways to make the game fun for all ages: For younger kids: Choose colorful eggs to make it easier for small children to find their prizes. Fill the eggs with candy, toys, stickers, or other fun items. Consider having a limit on how many eggs each child can collect so everyone gets a chance to get a full basket of eggs. For very young kids, assign an older sibling or friend to help them find the eggs. A tip: count the eggs before you hide them so you can easily tell if all eggs have been found! For older kids (or adults): Choose eggs that blend more with the yard to make it more difficult to spot. Fill the eggs with small change, consider adding a few eggs with a larger bill as a bonus prize to be best hunter. Easter brunchEaster brunch - Once the games are over, your guests will most likely be famished. Let them recover from the festivities with some food and beverages. Consider keeping the menu lightwith food like smoked salmon dip, basil-lime fruit salad and some fluffy ginger angel food cake. When they are finished, they can converse for a minute at one of your outdoor dining sets. If you decide to go the buffet route, create more space for your guests to move around by keeping all sides of each table open. Rearrange your outdoor furniture sets so that every food item is unobstructed and easily within reach.Nothing says spring and Easter Sunday like a cold glass of homemade lemonade. Consider using Mason jars as cups, and instead of using a traditional cooler, be creative and try different stainless steel containers decorated with an Easter theme. Table decor - The wonderful thing about the Easter season is that it allows you to have so much fun with table decorations. Consider making a wide variety of table decorations starting with wooden nesting eggs that you can find at your local handcraft store. Paint the inside your favorite Easter color and fill it with bite-sized candies that your friends and family will love. Centerpieces are also a great idea for your outdoor Easter brunch. Try setting up a lovely flower arrangement with eggshells as a beautiful natural vase. All you need are a few eggcups, empty eggshells and fresh springtime flowers.