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Durable winter plants to keep your backyard looking beautiful

By RST Brands
October 19, 2014

From bonfires to building snowmen, the fall and winter seasons are filled with activities that will have you out in your backyard more often than you might think.Why leave the landscape barren? With the right amount of knowledge and preparation, winter shrubbery can take your backyard from boring to beautiful. The tulips of spring may be in hibernation, but there are plentyof durable blooms that can withstand the coldest of winters. Here are a few popular plants for the chillier seasons:

  • Camellias: have a striking resemblance to roses in both shape and color
  • Japanese Maples: best known for their ruby-red leaves
  • Evergreen holly: the most famous of winter plants
  • Winter vegetables: such as cabbage, carrots and cauliflower
  • Snowdrops: These white, drooping flowers flourish best in the colder states
  • Bergenias: characterized by tiny purple blooms
  • Hellebores: also known as Christmas roses
  • Winter jasmine: grows small, delicate white and yellow flowers
  • Witch hazel: hasred and yellow flowers
  • Winterberry: a leafless cousin of holly
  • Red Twig Dogwood: best known for bright red stems
  • Pansies: in a multitude of colors, from blue to yellow to red
  • Wintercreeper: a colorful ivy
  • Heather: produces bright pink blooms all year round

Impending snow might mean the end of outdoor dining for the year, but that'snot to say your backyard can't still be beautiful. Winter plants come in a surprising array of colors and textures and can look just as striking as your spring and summer flowers. Don't hesitate to try your hand at landscaping this late in the year and keep your yard looking top notch. Trust us - your outdoor furniture will thank you.