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Quick, Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Spruce up Your Backyard for Summer

By RST Brands
June 29, 2015

Don't panic if you haven't found the time to roll up your sleeves and spruce up your backyard for summer. Summer just started, and there's still plenty of time to transform your outdoor space. Whether you're having out-of-town visitors or simply want to sit back and relax in your own, private oasis, we've got the solutions you need to create a warm, welcoming backyard without breaking your back - or the bank.

1. Paint Outdoor Furniture It's amazing what a little paint can do. You don't need to scrap that old outdoor furniture because of a little rust. You can give your classic patio furniture a lively facelift with a coat of bright paint. Iron furniture is a breeze to transform with a can of spray paint, and wooden furniture will look brand-new with a few coats of your favorite hue.

2. Make It Comfy Adding outdoor cushions and pillows to your outdoor furniture can make your patio feel like a bonus room. Re-purpose old throw pillows you no longer use or splurge on a few new cushions specially designed for outdoor use. Most outdoor pillows are very affordable, and you'll love the weather-resistant material that keeps them looking like new no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Create a whimsical mood with fun patterns that remind you of the beach or sitting poolside.

3. Freshen Up Those Beds Make your flowerbeds and garden areas look immaculately manicured by laying down rocks, bark, or fresh mulch. This extra layer will keep out weeds and give your beds an instant upgrade. Friends and neighbors will envy how neat and fresh your garden looks and you'll be able to revel in how easy it was!

4. Add a Bench There's something fun and fanciful about a bench tucked away under a tree or next to a fragrant flowerbed. And you don't have to be an expert in patio furniture design. Create your own bench with a few cinderblocks and some long pieces of wood. This is a great way to use leftover fencing or other scraps from building projects. Paint the cinderblocks a bright color, stand them on end, and slide in the lumber. Top it all off with a patterned cushion for extra comfort and style.

5. Define the Space Create private sitting areas and secret nooks by using tall grass planted in galvanized or painted tubs as natural partitions. Ornamental grasses are easy to grow and require almost no maintenance. And if you use lemongrass, you'll have the bonus of a natural bug repellent as well.

6. Create Some Romance Use an old chandelier for romantic outdoor lighting - just replace the light bulbs with solar lights, hang, and enjoy! Search yard sales and flea markets for the perfect, discarded chandelier to put that finishing touch on your patio. Add crystals or other baubles that will catch the sun during the day and bathe your patio in rainbows.

7. Make a Stone Walkway Whether you want to add interest or cover up trouble spots in your yard, a stone path is just the thing. Find interesting stones or pavers and create a trail leading from the patio to the garden or from one seating area to another. A walkway adds instant flair to otherwise boring parts of your yard and can be the perfect solution for problem spots that just won't fill in no matter what you do.

8. Plant an Instant Garden You don't need a green thumb to have flourishing flower beds or an abundant herb garden. Buy flowers and herbs that are already planted in pots and then bury them - pot and all - right in your garden area. Making a garden look neat and plentiful has never been easier. By leaving the rims of the pots above ground you have an instant border and create extra visual interest.

9. Make It Glow Sometimes it's the small things that make the biggest impact. Your backyard will be automatically upgraded by adding simple touches like candles. You can place candles on tables or hang them from trees or along a fence. Look for jars, pails, or cans that you can turn into outdoor candle holders. Add twine or wire to hang them, drop in some citronella tea lights and you'll add a cozy glow to those summer nights.

10. Expand Your Garden Small potted herbs can make a big impact when kept out of the garden. Use a fragrant pot of lavender or basil as a centerpiece on your patio table. Or create a pretty border with several matching pots of your favorite herbs. Paint the pots with chalkboard paint and write the name of each herb on its pot to add a fun twist. By using a little imagination it's easy to spruce up your backyard for summer. These simple tips are so quick and easy that you'll be able to kick back and enjoy your weekends instead of slaving away in the yard. And the best part is it will look like you put in hours of work to create such a neat, welcoming space. Sources http://www.popsugar.com/home/Quick-Easy-Inexpensive-Ways-Fix-Up-Your-Yard-8400078#photo-8400078 http://www.rantchic.com/2014/05/21/23-clever-ways-to-spruce-up-your-backyard/ http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/brilliant-outdoor-ideas#.auWyz3De4 http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/easy-backyard-diys#.mpX5e7Ow3