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End of Summer/Beginning of Fall Décor Ideas

End of Summer/Beginning of Fall Décor Ideas
By RST Brands
October 27, 2021

How Do You Decorate Between Summer and Fall?

The Labor Day picnics are over, the kids are back in school, and you are starting to put away some of your summer decor and beginning to pull out your autumn accessories. September is a marvelous time to start adding touches of fall without going all-out pumpkin spice. These fall decor ideas will help you stay subtly seasonal.

Transition Your Shades

Going from bright blues and greens to elegant browns and rusty reds definitely invokes the fall vibe, but you don’t need to make a drastic color change. Just deepen your existing colors. Use pillow covers to go from bright blues to a deep concord purple and turn shades of summer sun into glorious goldenrod.

Mum’s the Word

Fall flowers are a decorator’s dream. Not only do they add amazing pops of color, but many of them also dry nicely and retain their tint, so they are a lasting accessory. Pick some up at your local nursery or farmers market and spread the joy around your home, even in bedrooms and bathrooms.

You should also consider companion planting around your patio area, so when summer perennials are ready to be dead-headed, your fall blooms are coming into their own. Some outstanding perennials to consider include:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Asters Toad lilies
  • Helenium
  • Fall sedum

And don’t forget about decorative grasses and ornamental peppers. They layer depth and softness and can add shimmer along with color.

Playful Plaids

You can “autumn up” your living space with some simple plaid accessories. Add pillows and throws to patio furniture in red and black or yellow and brown for a fall harvest flair. Just remember not to overdo the plaid—your decor may look too busy. Choose flannel for a tactile decor enhancement.


Harvest Time

Fall means harvest time for most, and these delicious morsels can be great outdoor fall decor ideas. A bowl of apples and pears adds color, texture, and aroma while providing an easy-to-grab snack.

Use antique fall harvest tools to decorate your patio. Lean an old apple picker and a long-handled scythe in the corner (just make sure little ones can’t get to them). A small thresher, old wagons, and wagon wheels are also quaint and charming additions.

Light the Way

Fill Mason jars or wine bottles with strings of lights to add a cozy glow. Use solar-powered light strings outside, in warm colors like:

  • Soft white
  • Amber
  • Orange

Strings of lights can also be hung overhead, on the wall, or in your foliage. Lights are so versatile because they come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Warm things up by adding an elegant fire table

Feel the Fire

Sure, you can have campfires all year long, but there’s something about the crisp nights of fall that beg for comfy hoodies, wool socks, and a cozy fire. Not everyone has the room (or local regulations) that allow for a fire pit, but that’s where a beautiful fire table can meet the mark. Get those graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars ready for s’more fire table fun!


Wood You Rather…?

Accenting with wood is another one of the great fall decorating ideas for outside. Add a weathered panache using:

  • Rustic frames
  • Wood trays and bowls
  • Bamboo wood chimes
  • Bird feeders
  • Barn boards


Every season has its scent: the sweet flowers of spring, the fresh-mown grass of summer, the frost of winter, and the spicy-sweet scents of fall. Aromatherapy can ease stress and anxiety, boost relaxation, and even improve sleep. Add aroma to your outdoor fall decor ideas with:

  • Candles
  • Diffusers
  • Essential oils
  • Wax melts
  • Or add cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg, and bundled sage to your fire

Lift the mood with deep seating in orange, in a durable seating set that compliments your patio

Fall Furniture Ideas

Check out the beautiful individual pieces and furniture sets available from RST Brands and give a boost to your end-of-summer decorations.