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Ethereal backyard lighting

By RST Brands
October 8, 2014

It may take a bit of planning to make sure your outdoor decor can withstand Mother Nature, but there's no reason your backyard can't look just as good as your living room. Ethereal lighting is a great way to make your patio a little bit dreamier and a lot more conducive to nighttime hosting. Alternative options like solar bulbs and candles allow you to set up gorgeous outdoor lighting without needing to plug into electricity, and string lighting, in any form, will allow you to extend the ambiance all the way across your yard. Here are 10of our favorite ways to light up the night:

Fairy lights
Drape these small, colored lights around your outdoor furniture when you want your backyard to have a soft twinkle.

Chinese lanterns
Hang Chinese lanterns over a patio dining tablecan make backyards more festive.

Install one from the roof of your patio or drape over a sturdy branch of a nearby tree. You can even fill it with candles to create an elegant yet rustic look.

Moroccan lanterns
Turn your patio into paradise almost instantly by placing these over your outdoor furniture.

Moon lighting
Moon lighting is essentially regular lighting will a full glare guard and is ideal when you want to spend time relaxing in your chaise lounge at night.

Jar lanterns
Fill them with colored candles and hang them in clusters from tree branches or iron fencing.

Twinkle lights
These have a place other than your Christmas tree. Try twisting them around an outdoor trellis or patio hammockto make them a bit more whimsical.

Wine bottle torches
Use wine bottles as torches to make an extra classy alternative totiki torches.

Outdoor orbs
Place them on the ground to enhance garden space or walkways.

Putting a firepit in the center of your backyard will work as both ethereal lighting and a source of warmth when the fall starts to get chillier.

A beautiful backyard starts with great landscaping (and even better outdoor furniture), but it certainly shouldn't end there. Ethereal lighting is just one of the many ways that you can make your yard extra special.