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Fire up these backyard barbecue designs

By RST Brands
September 23, 2014

If your favorite part of the summer happens to be firing up the grill and showing off your outdoor cooking skills to family and friends, then it is time you treated yourself to your backyard barbecue dream. Designing this entertaining spacerequiresyou to integrateutility, comfort and food. The process may take some time, but once your barbecue space is complete, there will be no grilling guest left un-awed. The design ideas below are a guide- follow them as long as they suit your personal style.Remember:This backyard space is for you, the cook, to enjoy, so be sure you are catering to your home chef needs.

Serving stations
When hosting a cookout, one of the most important aspects of a barbecueis having enough space to display and serve your delicious dishes. To blend the serving spaces into your backyard patio, exhibit the food throughout the space.This arrangement is ideal for catering to large groups. When you host bigger parties, it will be more difficult to seat everyone at one table, and having multiple serving stations makes it easy for guests to get the food they wantand continue chatting with various other guests. Start by placing a few coffee tables and accent tables throughout the space. Make sure that guests can access the food from all sides of the table. The Astoria Cast Coffee Table is ideal for this backyard barbecue fest. It is large enough to hold multiple dishesand is made of durable aluminum so it is easy to clean.

It is also handy to have a small table on which to place condiments or any special sauces you have made for the dishes.

Chatty chef
Just because you are the chefdoes not mean that the party should continue on while you stand dutifully at your station. Install a stone wall around your grill that can serve bothas a way to frame the space and as a place for guests to sit and chat to you.It is also a goodidea to set a pair of chairs near the grill likeso you or yourguests can sit down comfortably. Don't forget to add a side tablenext to each chair for drinks and food.

If you are a do-it-all chef, consider installing a full bar opposite the grill. This way, when the meat is smoking, you can turn around and serve up a few of your favorite cocktails.

Home dining
No barbecue heaven is complete without a set of table and chairs. For this, you will want furniture that will clean easily, given that barbecue tends to be a messy culinary practice.The Astoria 5 Piece Cafe Dining Set is made with a powder-coated aluminumthat can withstand years of outdoor wear and tear. This set also features light antiquing, givingit a look that is fitting for any barbecue.