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Get weeds out of your backyard garden

Get weeds out of your backyard garden
By RST Brands
June 30, 2015

If you have a beautiful outdoor setup with decorative storage, hammock beds and game tables, the last thing you want is weeds in your accompanyinggarden. Luckily, therearea few ways to get rid of weeds sothey don't come back and smother your beautifulplants. Beyond the simplest and easiest solution, which is to use a container garden to control your garden environment, here are a few tips.

Kill it with fire
Perhaps the most caveman solution out there to the problem of weeds moving their way through a garden is to burn them out. You may be worried about hurting your other plants with this technique, but as long as the fire is very carefully applied, it is possible to do this without damaging nearby plants. Sometimes foliagewind up competing with each other for nutrients underneath the soil in such a way that their roots become intertwined and entangled. In order to keep yourself from having that problem, you need to get rid of weeds without accidentally pulling your vegetablesup alongside with them. A brief burst of fire from a propane torch will destroy the cell structure of a plant and cause it to wilt, letting your nearby crops thrive.

Chemical warfare
The most commonly used chemical weed killer today is known as Glyphosate. It travels through the leaves of plantsand moves into the roots to kill the plants. It should be noted that this killer does not discriminate - it will take down plants that are supposed to be there as well as any weed. Care must be taken to ensure that it does not destroy the very plants a gardener is trying to protect.

Avoid altogether
Using a container to grow gardens in is a good way to avoid the problem of weeds altogether. When you grow vegetables, flower or herbs inside of a container, you rarely have to dealwith the problem of weeds coming up in the jars. Even if they do, it is extremely unlikely that there will be much difficulty in uprooting the solitary weed. Using a box garden is a good way to do this while still havingittake up an appreciable amount of space. In fact, it can also greatly reduce the amount of water needed by plants, so it is great for areas that are suffering from drought.