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How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan

How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan
By RST Brands
February 21, 2022

The question is, how to decorate an open floor plan apartment with separate spaces on a budget? When looking over open room decorating ideas, you’ll find there are many easy ways to define your ideal living space without spending a lot of cash.

Colors and Lights

Light wall colors like white and soft grey make even the smallest open floor apartment appear bigger. And, different shades of paint can help when transitioning from room to room. No matter how you look at it, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference and won’t put a big dent in your wallet.

Add pops of color to each area of your home with rugs, pillows, and throws, but be aware of how they all transition from one space to another. You can also create different “rooms” by changing or rearranging your furniture and accent pieces. Adding fun floor lamps, table lamps, or wall sconces are all easy and affordable ways to separate areas of your living space as well.

Hooks and Shelving

It’s important to emphasize the “open floor” part of an open-floor concept. Make sure your floor space is clean and tidy by using storage hooks and shelving units to keep everyday items like shoes and jackets out of sight and off the floor and furniture.

A shelving unit placed on a wall can turn an open space into a home gym. Or a two-sided unit can house books on one side to create a small library and a workout room on the other. A two-sided unit also works great as a room divider as you try to figure out how to decorate an open floor plan living room/kitchen area. 

Room Screens

You have probably seen room screens in movies and TV shows but have never thought twice about them. However, these are amazing open floor plan decor tools that are low in cost. They can provide color, texture, definitive spaces, and privacy and are easily removed or transferred to another area. If you have a few items you can’t fit on your storage shelves or hooks, you can hide them behind a room screen.

Keep Things Warm and Cozy

Maintain the flow and add some warmth to your living space with a two-sided fireplace housed in a half-wall. While a gas fireplace is a bigger investment, it is incredible how cozy it can make a room feel. Fireplaces provide a perfect focal point in an open floor plan that promotes a comfortable closeness between guests.

Flowy Fabrics

You can easily use fabrics as lines of demarcation between spaces that can simply be pulled back when needed. A rod mounted on the ceiling can hold curtains or fabrics, either heavy or fragile, that can be pulled back and held in place with a hook on the wall when not in service. With a little searching, you can find a curtain rod and curtains that will fit into any budget and are easy to install.

Function and Purpose

When determining how to decorate an open floor plan, always think of how easily you can move and use or even repurpose things. Woven baskets filled with games, crafts, or blankets can look cute and homey when stored on a shelving unit or next to a chair. A trendy magazine rack can be placed on the floor for everyday use or stored on a shelf as a pretty accent. Empty flower vases can be filled with candy or flowers and used as a beautiful centerpiece or fun table decor without breaking the bank.

Don’t stop with the small items though! With a little saving, you can take it a step further and bring in a kitchen island on wheels that allows you to enjoy a countertop when and where you need it, as well as some extra storage space. Or get a stylish serving cart to use as a bar when friends are over, but use it as blanket or towel storage other times.

Bring the Outdoors “In”

Whenever feasible, have as much open view area to the outside as possible when you are decorating an open-space concept area. Showcase any glass doors or large windows and make sure you can see into your outside spaces. Natural light coming in adds depth to any living space. 

There are so many options when it comes to open floor plan decor. Check RST Brands for a variety of hooks, shelving, and other great storage and decor solutions!