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Mid-Century Modern Decor Ideas for Every Room

By RST Brands
March 17, 2021

Whether you’re looking for mid-century modern color ideas or ready to makeover your entire house, check out our guide. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of mid-century modern decor ideas to show you how to decorate any room with touches of sleek, mid-century style.

Living Room

It’s where you gather with friends and family, kick back to binge Netflix, and relax with a good book. Make it a place you never want to leave (sorry, boss!) by incorporating these mid-century modern living room design ideas.

1. Leggy Couch

Light up your living room with a bright couch in a charming new shape

When it comes to mid-century furniture, it’s time to get leggy! No need to get too risqué...just find a couch with clean lines, minimalist cushions, and simple wooden legs.

2. Oval Coffee Table

Get those nostalgic vibe with this adorable round satellite table

Oval coffee tables are an iconic mid-century piece. Choose from dark, stained wood or marble (or faux marble, let’s be real) to get a sleek addition to your home you’ll never worry about banging into the corner of.

3. Eames Lounge Chair

No mid-century living room is complete without a classic Eames lounge chair. And unlike some popular mid-century pieces, these are actually comfortable! Win-win.

4. Starburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are always a timeless centerpiece in any room

Make a statement and bring the mid-century look home with a gold starburst mirror. Sure, it’s more of an art piece than anything, but it’s guaranteed to look great on an otherwise bare wall. Kick up the meta factor by staring at yourself in the starburst mirror while eating Starbursts—especially the pink ones.


The heart of the home can get a mid-century makeover, too. All it takes is clean, simple lines, minimalist hardware, and a statement chandelier.

5. Statement Chandelier

Mid-century lighting can be found in a variety of handsome configurations

Want to really have fun with your kitchen design? Invest in a mid-century chandelier, which could range from a bubble pendant light to a sculptural sputnik lamp.

6. Flat-Panel Cabinets

Mid-century design is all about simplicity. So skip the Shaker cabinet fronts—it’s time to go sleek and minimalist with flat panels. Opt for natural wood, dark wood stain, or glossy white—it’s all in line with modern style.


You retreat to your bedroom to unwind after a long day. So the trick is to cozy up mid-century design, which can sometimes read as a little sterile, especially when it comes to bedroom furniture. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with some fabulously inviting mid-century decor ideas for your room.

7. Bold Wallpaper

Make a statement with a fresh accent wall showing off crisp contemporary lines

The easiest way to add interest and warmth to a neutral mid-century modern bedroom is by adding bold wallpaper. Select just one wall as your accent to keep the wallpaper from overwhelming the space. Starbursts, atomic patterns, and geometric designs all capture the essence of mid-century design.

8. Streamlined Bed Frame

No tufted headboards or overstuffed pillows here! Mid-century bed frames are streamlined and functional. Go for a platform bed if you want to skip the box spring, and (as with the couch) keep an eye out for leggy pieces.

9. Geometric Rug

Mid-century modern design often leans toward neutrals and stained wood color palettes, making a geometric rug a great way to make the whole room pop. 


Whether you’re hiding from your kids while eating a candy bar or scrolling Instagram from your throne, the bathroom is the place where you deserve to pamper yourself. Make it your favorite room in the house with these mid-century design ideas.

10. Round Mirror

Enjoy furnishing surfaces with thoughtfully selected art from friends and loved ones

Those frameless mirrors that cover the whole wall are just so cookie-cutter. Take away the tract home look in seconds by replacing yours with a round mirror. You just took the first step toward a mid-century bathroom makeover!

11. Hexagon Tiles

Now it’s time to spice things up. Though bathroom floors are rarely a talking point, they will be once you’re done with this little DIY project. Opt for hexagon tiles or other geometric patterns to really make a mid-century statement in your small space.

12. Bubble Light Fixtures


Bubble or globe light fixtures are another pillar of mid-century design. Replace those 90s sconces with ultra-cool brass or glass mid-century ones. Brushing your teeth has never been more thrilling.

13. Matte Black Hardware

We haven’t seen your bathroom, but we’re willing to bet it has silver faucets and draw knobs. Replace this boring hardware with something daring, edgy, and oh-so mid-century: matte black hardware.

Home Office

Work-from-home life got you down? Get a pick-me-up with a mid-century office makeover. Here are our favorite mid-century modern house ideas for the home office.

14. Minimalist Shelving

This ain’t your grandma’s maximalist bookshelf. To get the true mid-century look in your office, choose minimalist shelving that’s expertly styled with your favorite decorative objects and keepsakes.

15. Pop Art

Expressive pop art will blend perfectly with that mid-century mood

Pop art is synonymous with mid-century, so bring on the bright colors and funky shapes! This bold and fun art style brings a splash of fun to any drab office.

16. Curved Floor Lamp

No office is complete without great lighting. And you’ll feel a tiny bit better about working late when you have a stunning curved floor lamp to grace your home office.

Time to Decorate, Mid-Century Style

Well, you’re out of excuses. You have 16 amazing tips on how to transform your house into an enviable mid-century abode, so time to get to work! You’re guaranteed to love the clean, simple, and functional look of your refreshed space.