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Necessary features for a sizzling outdoor kitchen

By RST Brands
August 11, 2014

Home improvement trends have seen an increasing amount of homeowners transforming their outdoor living spaces into luxurious centers of activity. Rather than focusing on updating an indoor room, homeowners are opting to make their yard their haven. While there are numerous ways to transform your backyard into what feels like the outdoor version of an indoor space, including a kitchen is one of the most popular. In fact, designing and building an outdoor kitchen could make entertaining easier. If you're interested in such a project, make sure you include a certain set of features- without these details, your outdoorkitchen may not live up to your expectations:

1. Standard kitchen necessities
While your new kitchen space is outside, it still should include all the elements you would need in an indoor one. For instance, you require ample counter space and storage, a heating component (likely a grill), refrigeration and a sink. You probably also want a spot to store a garbage can or even a dishwasher. Some homeowners include a range as well. As long as you have the basics that every kitchen needs, you'll be able to prep an entire meal without stepping foot inside your house.

2. The right electricity, gas and plumbing lines
Of course, you can't operate all the features of your gorgeousoutdoor kitchen without the proper supporting wires and pipes. Hire a consultant who can design electricity, plumbing and gas systems to ensure your kitchen is safe and ready to use.

3. Weatherproofing features
Exposure to the elements is the No. 1 difference between indoor and outdoor kitchens and perhaps the greatest obstacleto designing your space. You don't want your countertops worn down or your appliances broken by years of rainfall. Even your outdoor dining sets can be vulnerable. Take the weather into consideration when purchasing all of your kitchen supplies.You should ask your contractor and/or hardware store staff member what the best appliances and materials are for outdoor use. You may even want toconsider building your kitchen in a covered space to reduce exposure.

As far as furniture goes, you'll have a much easier time finding the durable pieces you need. RST Brands sells outdoor furniture sets that all feature weatherproofing. Whether your want a dining set for your kitchen area or a lounger for your patio, every piece is made of strong materials that stand up to the elements.

4. Great dining furniture
If you've taken the time and money to create an elaborate outdoor kitchen, you'd be remiss to forget quality outdoor dining furniture. As you now know, RST Brands carries weatherproofed pieces that can withstand being outside. All you have left to do is pick a set that fits your lifestyle.

Entertain a lot? Then furniturewith ample seating is a wise choice. We suggest taking a look at the PortofinoComfort Seven-Piece Outdoor Stone Top Dining Set, as it features six chairs and a comfortably large table. You'll be able to cook a meal and enjoy it with friends and family outside.

Do you prefer to keep smaller company? Then the Astoria Five-Piece Cafe Dining Set is the better option for you.