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5 Outdoor Decorating Ideas to Get You Through the Summer

By RST Brands
August 12, 2015

We feel your pain. It's bright. It's hot. It's August, and it's hard to think about anything other than iced tea and air conditioning. But you'd be surprised what a coat of new paint can do to a room, or in this case, what a set of new furniture can do for your summer morale. Infuse new life into your yard, and yourself, with these cool outdoor decorating ideas that continue to be some of the most popular designs at RST Brands.

1. Utilize Cool Colors With a Charcoal Grey Set

To give the appearance of a lower temperature in your backyard paradise, try using cool colors for your patio furniture. Cool colors, like blue, green, grey and purple, have a calming effect. They can make you feel refreshed and serene, something we all need in the dead of summer. The contemporary style that accompanies this Deco 8-piece Sofa and Club Chair Set is just what you need to lower the temperature in your backyard. Its Sunbrella fabric protects from sun and water damage, so it won't lose its rich color no matter how hot the sun gets. Accent this set with soothing blues or deep purples for the perfect backyard escape.

2. Curate a Place to Have a Drink

How would we survive summer without the help of refreshing lemonades and thirst-quenching teas? Just imagining the slow drips of condensation rolling down a frosty Coke sends chills down my spine. Create a comfy space to enjoy these revitalizing beverages, as well as morning coffee and barbecued dinners, with a sturdy yet stylish outdoor dining set. Cannes Woven Dining Set in Moroccan Cream is the perfect place to relax with your favorite frosty beverage. Take advantage of the table's umbrella hole and provide extra shade above the dining set so you always have a cool place to sit outside. 

3. Use Light Colors to Combat the Sun

It's basic physics. Dark colors absorb more visible light, which is re-radiated out as energy. Energy equals heat, making dark colors feel warmer than light colors, especially after sitting in the hot sun all day. Apply this rationale to your outdoor furniture for a cooler place to sit when you're outside. Sink into this Portofino Signature Set's 5-inch pillows and relax with your favorite book on a mild summer night. This 5-piece Sofa and Club Seating Set is constructed from SolarFast all-weather resin wicker created for outdoor use. It's hand-woven for excellence, so you have furniture that lasts summer after summer.

4. Light, Moveable Furniture Gives You Room to Breathe

A minimalist style that allows for plenty of mobility and airflow can really cool down your outdoor space. Instead of trapping heat with heavy, blocky furniture, find a backyard set that makes it easy for that summer breeze to come through. The Portofino Comfort 6-piece Sectional is made of lightweight components that are easy to rearrange. Put the pieces together for the perfect daybed or pull them apart to maximize seating for your next gathering. The simple design of this sectional pairs perfectly with a soothing hammock or refreshing outdoor bar, adding even more cool to your backyard space.

5. Use Airy Furniture for Natural Cooling

Eliminate the issue of sweaty backs with furniture that breathes. Take advantage of natural shade and that summer breeze with open furniture designed for airflow. The pretty Delano 5-piece Cafe Set transforms your backyard into a French bistro, inviting long conversation on casual afternoons. The comfortable powder-coated aluminum chairs are perfectly proportioned to fit your body and designed to last for years to come. Place this set next to a water feature to receive the extra cooling effects of a gentle fountain or glassy pond.

We can't guarantee that doing a rain dance will bring an end to this heatwave, but we know these outdoor decorating ideas paired with smart design can cool you down. Stop standing in front of the AC and turn your backyard into that paradise you've been dreaming of.