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Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021 vs What to Expect in 2022

Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021 vs What to Expect in 2022
By RST Brands
March 1, 2022

What Was Hot in 2021

2021 was the second summer of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. More people were spending time at home and using their outdoor space as a place to destress from the chaos around them. Major trends of the year were all about creative designs and comfort. Outdoor spaces were treated like a fresh-air room of the home and designed to provide shelter and comfort. 

Natural Materials

While metal is the most durable material for outdoor furniture, wicker, rattan, and cane were three major players in 2021’s outdoor furniture trends. While they became popular in the ‘70s, they got a fresh new update in 2021 that created a balance between style and comfort.

Large Central Table and Functional Spaces

The centerpiece to any outdoor space in 2021 was a large multi-person table. These large tables were perfect for sprawling out books and laptops while working or going to school at home and great for gathering the whole family together for a relaxing evening outdoors. 

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor spaces aren’t just for daytime use. 2021 saw a spike in making your outdoor space comfortable to use at all hours of the day or night. Lighting focused on being beautiful yet still functional without providing too much light to the space.

Multifunctional Furniture

With entertaining becoming less of a focus, the focus instead transitioned to making sure you got the most from every piece of furniture. Style, and how you live in and around furniture, became the focus. 

Hidden features, multi-purpose, modular, and versatile furniture made the most of limited outdoor spaces and became a must-have. 

What to Expect in 2022

While fall is the best time to buy outdoor furniture for the best deals, it’s never a bad time to think about how you will decorate your outdoor space for summer. 

Here’s what to keep your eye out for when creating your perfect outdoor space in 2022. 


People are looking for stylish designs that are also environmentally aware. It used to be that recycled and sustainable designs were clunky or outdated, but more and more designers are creating lavish designs that look stunning while also being eco-friendly. 
Expect to see natural materials like reclaimed wood and bamboo shining in the spotlight as more brands create sustainable designs. 


Large, plush, bulky furniture that monopolizes your outdoor space is comfortable but not always functional. A growing trend to keep your eye out for in 2022 is stackable furniture pieces.

Stackable furniture allows you to modify and clean your space easily. Stackable outdoor furniture blends function and flexibility without sacrificing comfort or style. 


In 2022, outdoor furniture isn’t designed to only be used outdoors. A growing garden furniture trend in 2022 is to blur the line between outdoor and indoor furniture.

Garden furniture has come a long way, and rather than bringing the indoor dining room chairs outside, so you have a place to sit with the family, it’s becoming more common to bring the outdoor furniture inside.

The line between indoor and outdoor is about to become even blurrier than before. Designs and styles between both spaces are becoming closely entwined, creating a sense of flow between the two of them.

Expect to see indoor/outdoor spaces like partially covered yards or screened-in porches grow in popularity and see a cohesive style and design carry through these liminal spaces. 

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