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The best Father's Day gifts for the backyard

By RST Brands
June 7, 2015

Father's Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means - it's time to pick out a stellar present. This task is easier said than done, though, and you can only buy so many golf balls and ties before dad gets bored. This special day is positioned right at the beginning of summer, meaning that gifts he can use outside in the backyard are downright perfect. Need a little inspiration? Look no further.

A high-tech bug trapper

Bugs are attracted to three things: florescentlights, carbon dioxide and humans. You can't do much to distract them from the last of those, but special bug traps address the first two. One, called the Dynatrap, sits right on your patio dining table, draws pesky mosquitos in with light, then sucks them right in. No citronella needed.

A new grill

No explanation necessary. Every man loves a grill. If you're feeling ambitious, you might get dad a charcoal grill or a smoker egg instead.

New headphones

Headphones only become more and more relevant asmedia are accessed from phones and tablets, and quality certainly impacts your listening experience. One example? Cutting the grass. Dad would probably enjoy the activity more with AC/DC blasting. Pick a pair that are renowned for their noise-canceling capabilities. The only thing louder than hard rock is a lawn mower.

A remote-controlled lawn mower

Or maybe he doesn't want to mow that lawn at all. It's OK - there's a remote-controlled mower for that.

A hammock

Did someone say nap time?

Surround sound for the patio

You may not have imagined MMA-watching parties happening in the backyard, but dad probably has. Why not make his dream (begrudgingly) come true with surround sound and a big TV?

Whiskey for the outdoor bar

No man will turn down a bottle of Maker's Mark, and it's even better sipped on the rocks while seated in a chaise lounge than it is in the kitchen. If the outdoor bar is looking a little sparse, buy dad a few cocktail ingredients he can appreciate.

A barbecue-of-the-month membership

It's hard to get tired of cheeseburgers, but it happens to the best of us if we grill frequently enough. To spice things up (literally), opt for a barbecueof the month club membership, which will deliver a totally new cut of meat and accompanying ingredients each month. *Drool*

A waterslide

We all have a little kid inside of us. Trust us - he'll love the slide more than any children.

A floating cooler

After dad's done splashing around, he probably wants to kick back with a cold one. Make this even easier with a floating cooler, which he'll be able to tether to his raft. And hey - you'll probably get some use out of it, too!

See? Backyard gifts are great for dad on his special day. What's even better: He can use many of them right on Father's Day.