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The best plants to get your backyard through the dog days of summer

By RST Brands
July 21, 2015

While the first month of summer can be a blessing for those of us trapped indoors during the winter, the dog days of the season can bear down with heat, leaving you to wonder, "how can I landscape my backyard without it looking like desert?" Don't fret. There are plenty of plants and flowers that willcomplement your outdoor furniture and design while keeping your backyard looking just as fresh and green as the middle of spring. The blossomswill also make a wonderful conversation starter for your next outdoor dinner party.

Here are just a couple of styles to add some green to your backyard:

Tropical garden
If you're looking to create a tropical-like environment to go with your outdoor lounge chairs and furniture sets,you can't go wrong with the purplish, light blue flowers of the plumbago. The vines can grow to about 10 feet and do well in humid environments.

Another bush with beautiful blossoms is theMadagascar periwinkle, and its reddish flowers flourish in both humid and dry conditions. The shrub can add a pop of color to your backyard while the plumbago can grow around a fence to give your yard a lush vibe even in the punishing heat of August. The flowers' colors also go great with neutral-colored outdoor seatingand hammocks.

If you want to add some more violet hues to your patio's palette, consider planting someAngelonia angustifolia. The tropical plant does well in late summer and can growin pots or in the yard.

For a plant that'll give you larger flowers in a humid environment, try sky vines for a verdant and luxurious feel. The big sky-blue blossoms attract many species of butterflies to their nectar and can make your garden a veritable paradise.

A plant that can complement any backyard with a pool or lounge chairs is the canna. Itsmany colored flowers will liven up any deck or patio.

California beauty
Even if your home is undergoing dry or drought-like conditions, you can still have a beautiful garden to look at while relaxing in your lounge chair. The salvia plant is just as tough and drought-resistant as it is beautiful when it sprouts its indigo blossoms.

A plant that can take the summer's heat but is easy to plant and maintain is thesolanum bush. Its dark violet flowers can grow with just a little water.

If you want to lie out on the hammock without having to deal with the sun's rays, planting bamboo in large pots can help. And, it can give your deck or patio some privacy. The fast-growing plant can grow up to 20 feet and provides anatural green curtain for your backyard.

However, if you're more in the mood to embrace a desert setting without having to skimp on the greenery, agave plants can give your porch or patio a wonderful look with their bluish greens. Place these desert plants in a container and watch them bloom in dry conditions.