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Time For New Patio Furniture? 7 Things to Look For

By RST Brands
July 11, 2015

Outdoor furniture is an investment, isn't it? For something that we use half the year and gets put through extreme weather conditions, new patio furniture is a hefty purchase. You need quality pieces that can survive the elements and stylish items that create a comfortable living space, on your budget - which is probably why we hold onto old furniture for so long. As much as we don't like to admit it, furniture gets old. It gets worn down after years of use and abuse. It gets outdated and becomes an eyesore in your otherwise beautiful yard. How do you know when it's time to part ways with your beloved backyard design? Here are a few guidelines that will let you know when it's time to move on.

1. You've already lost a piece or two of the set Newpatio furniture sets often come with a few pieces. A couple chairs, a table, maybe an umbrella or bench. As pieces get old, we can toss one or two items without the set looking to depleted, but over time those holes become more noticeable. Especially as you find new pieces to take their place that no longer fit in with the old set. If you have half a set left on your patio, just get rid of it and start over with a new, full furniture set. That will serve you better than slowly replacing pieces and ending up with a hodgepodge of different styles.

Pro Tip: If some of the furniture pieces are still in fairly good condition, you can keep your favorite piece by performing a makeover. Paint the legs or replace the cushion so the piece matches your new furniture better and then insert it as an accent item. But, this only works for one piece, so make sure to choose the one you can't bare to give up.

2. The joints are beyond repair A lot of patio furniture is fairly easy to fix using do-it-yourself remedies. A simple coat of paint, new bolts and screws or replacing the straps on your wicker furniture can make older items look like new. But there are some problems that are too hard to fix. If your furniture requires anything other than a simple repair, it's probably worth scrapping the piece and opting for something new. DIY repairs are great short-term fixes, but their quality rarely holds up over time. And the beating outdoor furniture gets speeds up the deterioration process. If it's something you'll just have to fix again next year, you might as well start over with something new.

3. Rust, mold or mildew has set in These are three problems that are almost impossible to fix. The rate at which mildew and mold replicate means it's simply better to get a new piece of furniture than constantly battle these growing fungi. And rust is not only impossible to reverse, it can be dangerous to leave unattended. Once you start to see signs of rust, mold or mildew, it's time to throw in the towel and move on. And this time, figure out what went wrong so you don't find yourself in the same situation in a few short years. Make sure you properly store your outdoor furniture during the winter months and clean and maintain your furniture regularly to extend it's life in your backyard.

4. Your furniture is outdated Just as design trends change inside the home, so do they evolve outside. In fact, as outdoor patios are increasingly considered extensions of indoor spaces, the importance of having up-to-date furniture grows. When decorating your outdoor space, you should consider the area as a whole. Adding new, trendy pieces like a picnic table or bench is important, but you need to make sure they don't clash with existing furniture. You will quickly notice that your backyard remodel is lacking if the furniture is left unchanged.

5. The interior design of your home has changed Tying your home and backyard together is essential for creating fluidity and comfort between the spaces. This doesn't mean that your living room and outdoor furniture set should match exactly, but certain design themes should exist in both spaces. "By matching your outdoor design to your home furniture and decor, you'll have a more comfortable, cohesive and organized feel to your entire space, whether you're entertaining guests or just your own family," says The Accent Wall blog. Besides your outdoor furniture simply not keeping up with major trends, if your furniture isn't keeping up with your own interior design then it's time for a remodel. You'll even be surprised at how fun it is to redesign your backyard with your favorite rooms in mind.

6. You've outgrown your current furniture set As your family grows and evolves over time, so should your outdoor furniture pieces. That playhouse in the corner is probably rarely frequented by your now high-school-aged babies. Or perhaps you need more table space as the grandkids multiply. Creating an eclectic furniture arrangement can be chic and trendy when done on purpose, but adding or removing furniture randomly leaves your backyard feeling unfinished or overpacked. Just as you upgrade your interior furniture with changing times, your backyard furniture should evolve with you.

7. You need to replace the cushions If you are considering a few new outdoor cushions, it might be time to update your entire set. If your color pallet has changed, new slip covers or cushions can be an easy fix.

Conclusion Letting go of furniture you've had for a while can be difficult. But the excitement and revitalization that comes with a makeover is well worth the pain of moving on. And eliminating the safety concerns caused by old outdoor furniture is worth the change in and of itself. If you're ready for the next phase of your outdoor design, let RST Brands help you find the right furniture for your space. Besides sleek, timeless styles, RST offers high quality furniture that is sure to last you through many seasons to come.