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Tips for building the perfect backyard deck

By RST Brands
March 9, 2014

Spring is almost here, so it's time to make sure your backyard is ready for all the future cookouts and lounging sessions you plan to have. Before you purchase your outdoor seating, consider building a deck to expand yourspace. Here are some tips for building the perfect backyard deck to get yourself ready for spring:


Before you hire a contractor to build your idealdeck, you need to decide how you want to use the space. You may want a place to set up your grill and patio bistro sets. Or you may want to build a platform around your pool. Additionally, you'll want to consider how many different lounge areas you would like because you can have both a dining area and a small space to drink your morning cup of coffee.


Next consider your space constraints. If you have a small backyard you may have to choose between a living room area and a dining space. However, in some cases there are work-arounds for these problems. For instance, if your beloved garden is limiting space in your backyard, you can install your deck above it so you still can have your ideal patio.


Not all decks are the same. Some are wood platforms that are flesh with the ground and provide a bit of separation from the patio and the rest of the backyard. Other larger decks are raised off of the ground so the homeowners can take in a scenic view as they enjoy their outdoor area. Additionally, you can select wood, marble or other types of decorative flooring styles. Also, you have a choice on the type of railing you would want, such as wrought iron or wood posts. Select a natural wood for a rustic vibe and wrought ironfor a decorative look.


Once your deck is installed you'll need to maximize its space with your furniture purchases. Outdoor sectionals are perfect for large families or for people who tend to have lots of guests over. Additionally, an outdoor rocker can be a nice touch if someone in the home enjoys the soothing motion of the chair.


It's important to perfect your outdoor space by filling it with accessories that fit your style aesthetic. If you like greenery and nature, place a few patio planters in the corners of your deck space. You can also add colorful pillows and blankets to your seating to make it more comfy and warm. Additionally, if you like to entertain guests late in the evening, you'll need outdoor lighting fixtures. Find a few floor lamps you can store outside- they'll give your deck an intimate glow.