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Tips for creating a comfortable poolside lounge

By RST Brands
April 20, 2014

Summer is just a season away, so it's time to get ready to spend your days relaxing by the pool. Create a poolside lounge so you can rest after a swim.When picking your decor, keep style and comfort in mind.Here are some tips for creating the ultimate poolside lounge:

What's a lounge space without lounge furniture? Find the right outdoor furniture pieces that allow you to sit back and enjoy the sun. RST Brands' Deco Chaise Lounges, come in a two packwith a handwoven wicker design. If you have a larger family or you entertain often, check out the Portofino Chaise Lounge Set. The backrests adjusts to five different positions so you can find your ultimate reclining angle.

Looking for added comfort? The Portofino Chaise Lounge Set comes with Sunbrella cushions to provide a plush seating surface.

When you are relaxing by the pool, youwant a refreshing beverage by your side. Ensure you have somewhere to rest your drink by picking up a lounge table. This surface needs to be set low so you can reach it while you are taking in the sun. The Portofino Comfort Three-Piece Chaise Set comes with a matching table. However, you can also pick a Deco Woven Side Tableif you already have lounge chairs. Once your setup is complete, you can rest your book, magazine or tabletwithin arm's reach.

Sun coverage
While the sun beating down on your skin can be soothing, you'll want to limit your intake of the rays. All you need to accomplish this feat (aside from sunscreen, of course) is a chic patio umbrella. The Portofino Signature Market Umbrella comes in a range of colors to match the hues of your poolside lounge. Additionally, its 360-degree swivel base ensures you and your pool buddies will be covered from the sun no matter the time of day.

You'll enjoy your poolside lounge so much more if it matches with your personal style aesthetic. Incorporate pillows in your favorite colors and prints into your decor. You can also add extra color with patio plantersfilled with palms or ferns.

Don't forget about storage! You'll need a place to put your extra towels, pillows and reading materials. RST Brands offers a Hand Woven Rattan Deck Box that is 49 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 24 inches high, ensuring you have tons of space to store your poolside belongings.