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Turn your backyard into an outdoor gaming paradise

By RST Brands
August 25, 2014

A gaming backyard is essential for all gatherings, be it a neighborhood get-together, the next family reunion or a party for your children. Set up the greenspace behind your house to double as both a place for you to relax and a place toburn off that competitive edge. This change could mean the difference between spending weekends out or enjoying the fun of your own home.Bring the party home with these outdoor gaming design ideas. Be careful who you invite to the next gathering- they may never leave.

Gaming zones
It is important to designate particular areas of your yard to cater to specific games. This will create a visual flow that is easy for the eyeand givethe yard a moremanicured feel. Even for those who have small backyards, it is still important to decidehow you plan to divvy up the space. Start by choosing what games you would like to feature, and noting which games will require any minor landscaping changes. If you only want to host bocce ball, croquet or cornhole, the job is simple. You will only need a few colored flags to map out the area of play each night.

For those who are looking to invest in a game that requires a bit of constructionlike pétanque, decide in what area of the garden it will look best. Note areas of the yard that have trees over head, asthis could result in a daily cleanup in the fall. Check if there are any locations in the yard that have rain drainage issues, asthis could impact the playing surface of a shuffleboard or a traditional French boulescourt. Build court areas with concrete cinder block borders. These will last years longer than a wooden border, and the court inside can later be transitioned into a raised garden bed.

Comfy lounging
One of the best parts of having a gaming zone in your backyard is being able to host dinner parties and summer get-togethers. Chances are, not everyone will be able to play all at the same time, so those who are snacking on the hors d'oeuvreswill need a comfortable place to relax. You will want to choose outdoor furniture that is not only comfy, but blends in well with your gaming atmosphere. The RST Brands Astoria Sofa with orange cushionsis bright and beautiful, and topped with waterproof seat pads. This is great to set up as a viewing gallery for your cornholearea.

If you happen to want a fire pit for outdoor marshmallow making, or warm late fall lounging, choose the RSTBrands Aura Copper Fire bowl. Pair furniture with the fire bowl that will encircle the space, such as theRST Brands Deco 9 piecesectional and club seating set.This is not only a great place to host your guests, but it can also double as a romantic section of your backyard on the nights you have alone. Your backyard should have the class and the fun to serve all entertainment purposes. Design your gaming backyard and find out how fun home can be.