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10 Subtle Spring & Summer Front Porch Decor Ideas

By RST Brands
April 22, 2021

So, that’s not what we’re going for here. While spicing up your front yard for spring and summer is fun, we prefer a dose of subtly when it comes to seasonal designs. If you’re on the same page, check out our subtle ideas for decorating your front porch for the warmer months.

Wreaths can also be made with clippings of fragrant herbs.

1. Floral Wreath

Spring wreaths don’t have to look like the Easter Bunny threw up on your doorstep. Subtle wreaths are all about capturing the vibe of warm weather without being too obvious. Think dried pink and white tulips, olive branches, yellow billy balls, or white blooms. If you’re feeling crafty, host a party and invite friends to create their own spring-inspired wreath to take home.

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2. Brighten Up the Door

Is your dark door feeling drab now that spring has come around? Add a fresh coat of paint to make the door match the season. To be clear, we’re not saying you should paint your door every quarter—but sometimes you’re ready for change. And why not choose a lighter shade to switch things up? Pale blue, bright white, or sage green will feel fresh all spring and summer long.

Frame your front door with a hanging pot of your favorite flowers

3. Hanging Plants

Every list of front porch decorating ideas should include hanging planters. They add a dose of magic to any space. So, up your plant game and install hanging planters along the eaves of your porch. Whether you fill them with your favorite flower, ferns, or other greenery, they’ll add a touch of spring to an otherwise standard front porch.


Swinging on the porch is always a good idea

4. Porch Swing

If you’re looking for screened-in porch decorating ideas, a porch swing is an obvious must. Installing a porch swing means you’ll be spending so much time on your front porch, you’ll suddenly know more than you ever wanted to about your neighbors. From sunup to sundown, you’ll be looking for any reason to swing. Call it your form of meditation—it will be well worth the investment.

5. Potted Plants

When you’re questioning how to decorate the front porch, you can always start with potted plants. Is there anything more charming than porch stairs lined with potted flowers? We think not! You can easily makeover your pots with flowers to suit the season. And if you’re not ready to splurge on a bunch of large containers, you can always look for secondhand options online or at thrift stores.

6. Layered Welcome Mats

Welcome mats are a standard for any front porch, but this summer you can take it up a notch by layering two mats to make a warm-weather design statement. And because layering and pattern-mixing can be tricky, stick to the tried and true formula: A solid, jute welcome mat layered over a black and white graphic outdoor rug.

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7. Porch Daybed

Not every porch may have the ideal setup for installing a porch swing. But you can still get the same comfort and enjoyment out of another unique, spring front porch decor idea: a porch daybed. Just make sure to choose outdoor cushions and pillows, then kick back and watch the world go by on a warm summer afternoon.

8. Rocking Chair

Of course, a rocking chair is another one of those things to put on your front porch that will make you never want to leave. Pick up some modern, all-weather rocking chairs or gliders for the ultimate combination of durability and style. Or choose an antique rocking chair and take a step back in time as you rock away the summer nights.

There's nothing more refreshing than a glass of ice tea on a bright sunny day

9. Tea Cart

Looking for more original front porch decorating ideas for summer? A tea cart is the perfect way to add a special touch. Sure, you could load it up with the hard stuff—but a tea cart has that irresistible Southern charm. Bring on the sweet tea and call up your pals for a lazy, warm afternoon on the front porch.

10. Bright Throw Pillows

When you want a simple, affordable way to makeover your porch, embrace one of our go-to outdoor porch decor ideas. Bright or pastel-colored throw pillows add a splash of color and fun to a porch that’s begging for a summer facelift. You can even save money by swapping out pillow covers rather than the whole pillow.

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Transform Your Front Porch with RST Brands

Make the most of the warm weather this spring and summer with subtle, seasonal decor. Grandma’s kitschy signs and fake flowers have no place here! Instead, head to RST Brands for chic, timeless outdoor accents that will have your front porch looking classy and festive all at the same time.