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7 Genius Backyard Patio Bar Ideas

7 Genius Backyard Patio Bar Ideas
By RST Brands
November 5, 2020

Ready for an interior design secret? Even the smallest outdoor space can turn into an extension of your home when you play your cards right.

If you want to entertain in a classy space you call your own, roll up your sleeves and start scrolling! We’re here to deliver some truly inspiring backyard patio bar ideas. 

1. Fold-Out Bar

Does your patio seem like it’s only fit for a party of one? In that case, turn to one of our best small outdoor bar ideas: the fold-out bar. You’ll retain all of your precious square footage while adding a feature that takes your dinner parties to the next level.

All it takes is some wood, metal T-hinges, screws, and a drill to get started. Then stain the wood to match the vibe of your pad, let it dry, and soon you’ll be ready to host your next gathering. 

And when the guests have all gone home? Simply fold up your bar and reclaim that space for drying your laundry, storing your recycling . . . you know, all that everyday glamorous stuff.

2. Metal Bar Cart

Okay, life is busy, and you really don’t have time for even the most entry-level DIY projects. We hear you! Let’s introduce a backyard bar idea that takes zero elbow grease (unless you count rolling the thing from your car to your patio.)

A metal bar cart is an affordable and quick fix for a drab patio space. Order one online if you’ve got the budget, or add it to your thrift store hunt and bring a vintage bar cart back to life. How you dress up your bar cart is up to you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ice bucket and ice scoop

  • Pitcher

  • Wine cooler

  • Tumblers or wine glasses

  • Straws

  • Drink caddy

  • Cocktail shaker

3. Potting Bench

Want that English garden look but without the gray skies and constant drizzle? Transform a potting bench into the ultimate backyard bar. Lest you’re worried about getting potting soil in your guests’ drinks, make sure you give a used potting bench a thorough cleaning, buy a new one, or build a potting bench from scratch.

The best part about using a potting bench as your outdoor bar? You’ll have plenty of room along the bottom ledge to store your favorite cocktail glasses and homegrown herbs to add to all the drinks you whip up. If you have any extra room, you can even add potted flowers to complete the garden aesthetic.

4. Buffet Table

A place to socialize? Venetia Fire Table is good for a cozy late night with friends!

Sometimes a genius DIY outdoor bar idea is right under your nose. If you have a buffet table that doesn’t get much use in the house or needs a good paint job, take it outside and make your patio the prime spot for entertaining guests. Bring it out for a special occasion party, or keep it outside under a covered patio throughout the warm season.

Whether you are looking for something farmhouse-chic or are drawn to more modern outdoor bars, you can spin idea one any way you please. You could even buy a secondhand piece or build a buffet table if you’re feeling ambitious.

Whatever route you choose, make sure your buffet includes a spot for cutlery and plates, appetizers, a cutting board, and a spot for chilling drinks. And voila—your summer barbecue or fall cocktail hour just got a whole lot better. 

5. Easy Built-In Bar

No need to assume built-in bars are only for the ultra-wealthy. You can easily get your own by putting a new spin on a typical wall shelf. Simply install the shelf up against a wood exterior wall on your patio and you’ll have an instant spot for serving up drinks.

Choose a deep-set shelf to maximize storage space, and add bar stools underneath to really set the space apart as your dedicated outdoor bar. This idea definitely wins for being one the simplest, quickest ways to make your backyard pop.

6. Repurposed Dining Hutch

Remember when you planned the best carnival in your school’s history? And then you planned your own birthday bash because you knew no one could pull it off quite like you? Well, it’s time to harness that creativity into repurposing a dining hutch, which provides endless options as your new backyard bar.

This focal point is guaranteed to solidify your status as the best host in your social circle, especially if you go all out and add a mini-fridge. Yep, you read that right! You only need to remove doors and shelving, drill a hole for a power cord, and you’ve got yourself a totally unique bar. Add a wine rack and custom sign for bonus points.

7. Wooden Kitchen Cart

A wooden kitchen cart is cute and functional inside, and you can get all the same perks by rolling that cart right on through your back door and onto the patio. A DIY rolling prep cart will allow you to serve up drinks and apps without dashing back and forth from the kitchen to the yard.

You can build it as big or small as your patio will allow, then add some fresh flowers to spruce up the look. Even if you aren’t having guests over, you’ll love having the extra space when you’re grilling or enjoying a late-night solo dinner.

Build Your Perfect Backyard Bar

Once you’ve had that lightbulb moment, there’s no telling what kind of amazing atmosphere your yard or patio could become! Perfect your dream backyard bar with the help of RST Brands. From barstool sets to fire bar tables, our high-quality outdoor bar furniture is guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve risen to the next level of adulting.