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Benefits of a building a patio cover

By RST Brands
January 5, 2015

Patio covers might just be the greatest thing to happen to outdoor entertaining since patio furniture. Perfect for porch parties and backyard barbecues, they create a space on your patio that's safe from the elements, fun to decorate and impervious to the changing seasons. That's not all, though. Check out the many other reasons why buildinga patio cover might be the perfect winter renovation project:

They offer protection from the elements
Having a roof means that you can use your patio even when it's raining. A bonus: watching a summer thunderstorm from your outdoor sofa is pretty darn cool when you've got a roof over your head.

You can do more outdoor entertaining
If you host a lot of parties or dinners, a covered patio becomes truly priceless. It's a great place to concentrate your outdoor seating and functions more like another room of your home than a portion of your backyard.

Your outdoor furniture is safe, even in the winter
One unfortunate thing about winter: You have to cover your outdoor furniture and bring your accessories inside so that they don't incur any damage from snow and ice. We spend a surprising amount of time in our backyards throughout the winter, from building snowmen to sledding with our kids, and it can be nice to have a place to sit. When your patio is covered, you can kick back in your outdoor chairs all year-round.

There are more climate control options
Solid patio covers also allow for accessories like space lamps, overhead heaters and misters, making your patio even more conducive to entertaining and enjoying year-round. The shade and proximityto your house alone can make a 10-degree difference in both the winter and summer.

Two words: outdoor kitchen
You could build a bar under a covered patio as well. Heck - you could build both.

They offer great lighting
You can attach outdoor lighting to the exterior of your house sanscover, but incorporating a roof gives you an inexhaustible list of new options. Chandeliers, lanterns, lamps and string lights are just a few examples of lighting that looks great in a covered patio.

They makea seamlesstransition between the interior and the exterior of your home
In essence, they are just as much a room of your house as a part of your backyard. You can add sound systems, outdoor TVs, beverage coolers and fireplaces. The protective cover means that decorations are safe, allowing you to play with color and design schemes that would usually be limited to your living room.

Patios can be covered in a multitude of materials, from asphalt to wood to metal. Depending on how seamless you'd like the transition from your house to your patio to be, you can even match your current roof to it exactly. What's better: They increase the value of your home. Need we say more?