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Cozy Fireplace Chair Ideas for Winter

Cozy Fireplace Chair Ideas for Winter
By RST Brands
November 20, 2021

like a comfy chair by the fireplace. Set the stage with everything you need to relax and enjoy a chilly wintry night indoors: books, hobby supplies, blankets, throw pillows, and more. We’ve created the ultimate list of fireplace chair ideas to inspire you when creating your own fireplace nook.

1. Warm Throw Blanket

Are you someone who can never get warm in the winter? If so, you’re going to want to go double-duty with your fireplace chair. Drape a thick throw blanket over the back of the chair to keep you warm and cozy as the fireplace heats up. Minky fabric offers the ultimate cozy factor for cold winter days and will add layers and textures to any fireplace nook.

A sturdy Acacia side table is hard to beat

2. Side Table

No fireplace chair is complete without an adjacent side table. A small table will give you space for that hot toddy or bowl of sweet treats. And if you’re embracing your inner granny, you can use the side table to hold your knitting needle and ball of yarn.

3. Ottoman

Sitting by the fire is the ultimate form of relaxation. Embrace it. Kick your feet up! But wait—you’re going to need a comfy ottoman to make it happen. An ottoman will allow you to take your fireplace nook to the next level of comfort. So go ahead and take that midday nap or pre-bedtime doze, no shame here.

4. Rocking Chair

There’s a reason a rocking chair near the fireplace is a classic winter scene. A rocking chair will give you that slow, subtle movement to make the fireplace setting all the more serene. Whether you choose an antique wooden rocker or a modern, upholstered style, your rocking chair is guaranteed to become your favorite spot in the house. Yep—full-on granny status, and proud of it!

5. Chess Table

The Queen’s Gambit has given chess a whole new edge. So what if you’ve never played? There’s no time like the present to learn the ultimate game of strategy. Kill the screens for a night, pull up a cute chess table by the fire, and you may be surprised at how little you miss modern technology.


6. Bookcase

A chair by the fireplace is just calling out for a good book to go along with it. Better yet, store all of your favorite reads in one spot by placing a bookcase next to the fireplace. Your inner lazy gal (or guy) will love not having to saunter down the hall to grab your latest page-turner. So go ahead, curl up by the fire and read on.


7. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows add layers, textures, and interest to your sofa and your bed. So why not follow suit and dress up your chair next to the fireplace with a throw pillow? (Or two, or three?) Pick colors and patterns that tie in with the room’s color palette to create a cohesive look. Then place your pillows in a nearby basket while you sit, or place them under your head or behind your back to make your stay by the fireplace all the more pleasant.

Make sure there is plenty of room with this striking mid-century design

8. Trade Your Chair for a Loveseat

Sitting by the fireplace alone may get a little . . . well, lonely. If you’re looking to share the cozy atmosphere, switch out your chair by the fireplace for a loveseat or small sofa. You can even create a grouping with two chairs on either side of the fireplace and a sofa in front for the ultimate spot to hang out with guests after dinner. Pro tip: don’t forget the bar cart and card games.

9. Build Your Own Faux Fire

No fireplace in your home? Don’t fret. You can still achieve the same atmosphere with your own faux fire situation. Imagine a grouping of large candles, twinkle lights, or, when all else fails—the fireplace channel on TV. (Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.) Decorate Your Fireplace Nook Today By this point, you’re probably itching to create the right vibe in your own home. Luckily, RST Brands has your back. Check out our curated selection of accent chairs, ottomans, sofas, and more to create a fireplace chair nook worthy of a design magazine cover.