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Space savers: Compact outdoor furniture

Space savers: Compact outdoor furniture
By RST Brands
September 16, 2014

The small balcony, tight yard and mini deck are all viable outdoor spaces that you can decorate. Just because the area islittle, doesn't mean it's unusable. In fact, you can design the space to support numerous functions, it just all goes back to the outdoor furniture sets you select, where you store them and how you implement them.

Quick changes in design
Say you want to use your small outdoor space to dine one day and lounge the next. You may not be able to fit a set of outdoor lounge chairs and a complete dining table in the tight spot, but you can switch your furniture out as needed. For that to work smoothly and for your space to maintain continuity, you should try these tips:

Use folding furniture: If you plan to move and store your outdoor furniture sets, you should pick items that are foldable. That way, you can tuck them into a tiny storage spot with ease, transforming your small space in a jiffy.

Purchase in a single palette: You need to plan the color scheme of your updated and convertible tight space or the furniture swap will put the decor into disarray - that's not very good when you want the area to look remarkable. Pick the design style and colors you want and purchase your folding outdoor furniture to match. That way, whether you have your dining set or your patio bistro set out, your yard will feel harmonious.

Create storage space: You'll have to figure out a spot in which to keep your furniture when you aren't using it. Fortunately, if you've opted for folding furniture, you don't need a whole lot of storage room. This area can be a thin opening between a couple of walls, an outdoor cabinet on your deck or a small shed. Look for where you'd have room to construct storage outside, and then build a unit in which you can place your furniture. Ideally, the storage should be covered to prevent the elements from harming your furniture pieces.

Furniture ideas and inspiration
Now you know that your small space can become a convertibleoutdoor dining room, relaxing retreat or whatever else you can dream up, you need to find the furniture to execute your designs. Folding pieces can be beautiful and comfortable, giving your yard a stylish look. Here are a few folding outdoor furniture pieces from RST Brands sure to give you some design inspiration:

Portofino Signature Lounge Set: This set of lounge chairs is beautiful to behold and easy to fold. The chair compacts into a rectangular box shape that's easy to stack or store on its side in a narrow space. The chairs are made of durable rattan wicker. Select a cushion in your choice of colors to tie the design of your space together.

Sol Three-Piece Bistro Set: This cute bistro table and chairs comes in numerous colors sure to complement the design of your outdoor space. Not only that, but the chairs fold up for easy storage.

Perfect Folding Woven Rattan Chairs: Need extra chairs outside? This set of folding chairs is made of durable material. The beautiful chairs can set in storage or pulled out for use with little to no effort.