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10 budget-friendly backyard upgrades

10 budget-friendly backyard upgrades
By RST Brands
February 9, 2015

Spring is almost here, which means warm patio weather is on its way! If you love the outdoors, you likely spend a lot of time in your backyard during spring and summer. Now's the time for a quick and inexpensive backyard upgrade that will make you love relaxing on your patio that much more. Here are ten ideas for budget-friendly patio and backyard upgrades you can easily accomplish, maybe even in a day:

1. Add a trellis

Adding a trellis is a lovely way to make a style statement in your garden. Place a standing one over your garden path or attach sheets of latticed wood to the side of your house. Then, buy clematis vines or other climbing plants to give the trellis or wall a romantic "Secret Garden" vibe that you and your guests will love.

2. Relax with a hammock

A patio hammock can turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis you love spending time in. Tuck the hammock into a corner of the patio, garden or yard, and surround it with potted plants and trees to make an isolated spot perfect for resting with a book or soaking in the spring weather. You can also place it by the pool for the perfect addition to your summer oasis.

3. Use a fire table

Fire tables are a great way to make your outdoor space entertainment-ready for the warm months, and they don't have to break the budget. Install one in your yard or on your patio and surround it with outdoor seating. As the weather starts to clear up, invite guests over for backyard potlucks or outdoor game nights!

4. Use unique lights

Lights are a practical addition to any patio, but they can also add some flair to the area. Try stringing strands of colorful round bulbs across your patio cover or hanging a rustic chandelier above your outdoor dining set. Or, use vintage lanterns sporadically across your garden and patio to add picturesque charm to the entire yard.

5. Add an outdoor rug

With this next budget-friendly backyard idea, you can sweep your backyard woes under the rug, literally. Add an outdoor rug to your deck or patio to complete your dream yard. Find one that matches your outdoor furniture for a more cohesive look, or go smaller and add a welcome mat by the back door, maybe one with a funny saying like "wipe your paws" to show your neighbors your great sense of humor.

6. Pots and plants

Even small and simple changes, like adding patio planters, terra cotta pots, and other greenery, can quickly and frugally upgrade your patio's appearance. Hang shadow boxes on your patio wall and display small flower pots and vintage bud vases in them. Group planters full of succulents in one corner of your patio for a cool desert-like vibe, and paint all of your flower pots to add vibrant colors to your deck.

7. Pathways

Even Pave a pathway to your garden to add some extra pizazz to your backyard. Plus it will save your soles (get it, shoe soles?) from walking in the mud if you need to get to the garden after a rainstorm or a very thorough watering. You can even make multiple paths to different parts of the backyard and create a whole rockin' road to walk on.

8. Fun fabrics

A simple swap like changing the pillow covers or replacing the cushions can brighten up your backyard and bring a fresh new look to your outdoor furniture. Whether they're old and need a change or you just want to swap them out for some new colors, it's an easy change and an easy way to showcase your decor in every season.

9. Centerpieces

E Adding a cute centerpiece to your outdoor dining set or outdoor seating set can be a simple step-up to your backyard. A vase of flowers, a fancy dish, or even a small table fountain can be an easy backyard upgrade. You can also add a larger centerpiece to the whole backyard by planting some flowers in a circle, or by adding a pond, a water fountain, or any other large decoration. Think outside the planter box on this on.

10. All the small things

If you're looking for a small backyard upgrade rather than a large one, adding wrought iron artwork, wind twirlers, decorative stones, cute signs, and other outdoor accessories, can easily upgrade your patio's appearance without breaking the bank. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to use your imagination and let some creativity out. You can even DIY it to save more money.

Now that you've got some budget-friendly backyard ideas in your brain (try saying that five times fast), go out there and get upgrading! We've got lots of outdoor furniture and accessories here at RST Brands you can check out, too, while you're creating your dream backyard on a budget.