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7 Comfy, Cozy Outdoor Furniture Layout Ideas

7 Comfy, Cozy Outdoor Furniture Layout Ideas
By Jordan Henrie
January 30, 2023

What are the best outdoor furniture layout ideas? How can you maximize a small patio? And if you’re lucky enough to have a large patio, what should you do with all that space?

Don’t go having a meltdown at Ikea just yet! The rules of furniture arrangement don’t have to overwhelm you. We’re here to answer all your questions with our handy guide to outdoor patio furniture layout ideas.

1. Sofa + Two Chairs

The sofa-and-two-chairs lineup is a classic. It’s simple, great for entertaining, and provides ideal backyard feng shui. Pair a simple, streamlined sofa with modern accent chairs or an antique wicker loveseat with reclining lounge chairs and maybe a side table.

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2. Two Loveseats + Multiple Chairs

If a sofa and two chairs are great, two sofas and more chairs are better. We won’t let you sweat on this one too long. Face the loveseats toward each other, then add matching chairs on either side. It’s best to center the layout with a rug and coffee table.

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3. Sectional + Outdoor Dining Set

When you have room to spare on your patio, you have a chance to get creative with your patio layout ideas. First, maximize space and create distinct boundaries by adding a large sectional to a sprawling patio. Then set up a dining table and chairs adjacent to the couch, so you can easily hop from lounging with a drink to digging into dinner.

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4. Circle of Chairs

Don’t have a huge patio? Or maybe you just want to keep it simple? If so, pick up some oversized chairs and arrange them in a circle. Voilà! Your patio layout is almost complete. You know the routine—add a rug and accessories to finish the look. (Don’t forget the coordinating throw pillows!)

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5. Two Chairs + Side Table

If you live on a golf course, lake, or at the foot of the mountains, your patio furniture better allow you to soak up that view. Arrange two chairs with a side table between them to bask in the glory of the landscape, sweet tea in hand.

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6. Sofa + Ottoman + Chair

Sometimes a coffee table feels too bulky or hazardous (moms of toddlers, we see you!) for an outdoor furniture layout. Instead, swap out the coffee table for a comfy ottoman. Add a sofa, loveseat, and side chair, and you have a cozy patio nook.

7. Two Sectionals + Chairs

Those with a massive patio may wonder how to fill the whole area without making it look like a jumble of outdoor furniture. We have a trick up our sleeves: Simply invest in a sectional, coffee table, and accent chair, and repeat the layout on the other side of the patio. This will give the deck a cohesive look and minimize the thought you must put into the design.

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Tips for Arranging Outdoor Patio Furniture

Once you have your outdoor furniture layout idea in mind, there are still a few other things to consider to make your patio a true backyard oasis. Here are some expert tips for arranging your space:

  • Choose a focal point (sofa, gazebo, waterfall, garden, etc.)

  • Create spaces to gather with circular seating, fire pits, benches, etc.

  • Consider the flow of the space

  • Decide on the purpose of the patio

  • Put the most extended furniture piece against the longest wall

  • Decorate just as you would inside your home (embrace layering, accent pieces, rugs, etc.)

  • Don’t forget to add a touch of greenery.

Bring on the Warm Weather!

You're ready to get to work with these outdoor furniture layout ideas on the brain. So bring on the furniture shopping and warm weather! RST Brands is your source for high-quality sofas, sectionals, chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture for any space.