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7 Magical Outdoor Winter Decor Ideas

7 Magical Outdoor Winter Decor Ideas
By RST Brands
November 21, 2021

In any case, we’re sure our outdoor winter decor ideas will bring an added dose of magic to the coldest months of the year. So, put down that hot cocoa and pause the Netflix binge session for a hot minute. Check out these seven tips for easy ways to makeover your patio this winter.


1. Festive Wreaths

If there’s one area of the patio to decorate for winter, it’s the door. The front or back door is the entryway to your home, meaning it’s easy to decorate and immediately make your home a bit more festive. Throw up a wreath, and voila! You’re in the spirit of the season. Choose a wreath with icy blues, metallics, or snowy white for winter. Throw in some sparkle or mini lights to bring warmth to your porch.


2. Pine Cones and Branches

Whether you live in the desert of Arizona or the snowy depths of upstate New York, pine cones and branches are another great piece of decor to help ring in the winter. If you’re the granola type, you can save a buck by picking up pine cones and branches on a stroll through the forest. Not so into nature? We’ve got you covered! Pine cones are just as easy to buy online or pick up at the store during the winter months.


3. Bells

Bring a little magic to the winter season by hanging bells on your porch or patio. Bells come in all shapes and sizes so that you can get creative here! Hang small bells on your potted trees and bushes, or go big and tie a large gold bell to the eaves of your patio. The gentle clacking of the bells in the wind is sure to bring a smile to your face.


4. Lights

We get it. The long, dark days of winter can be a bit of a drag. Hence, one of our favorite outdoor winter decor ideas is to light up the night with lights. Twinkle lights, fairy lights, icicle lights—we like them all. Just don’t be that one neighbor who keeps their lights up until the Fourth of July. If you can’t guarantee that, just go the easy route and pick up a light projector, which will give you the same look with less energy required.

These charming Mili club chairs are a great idea for your outdoor space

5. Vintage Ski Gear

Vintage ski gear is a unique and charming way to dress up your patio for the colder months. To be clear, we are not recommending you grab your modern skis and poles for storage on your porch. The bright, flashy designs of today’s skis just won’t bring the same charm (plus, your gear might get swiped from the porch). Instead, start your hunt for wooden or muted color ski poles to give your patio that “1950s winter cabin retreat” vibe.

6. Stars and Snowflakes

Thrifty decorators, rejoice! Pull out the paper and scissors because this is one outdoor winter decor idea you can pull off on the cheap (without looking like it.) Handmade stars and snowflakes are a classic winter decor staple that will bring a smile to you and your guests. Even better yet, you can pull up Youtube tutorials or blog posts to take your snowflakes to the next level of intricacy.

A seating set with a fire table is an excellent way to gather during the colder months

7. Luminaries

These small Mexican paper lanterns have taken the Pinterest world by storm, and we’re not complaining. Luminaries add a magical glow to your porch for the winter season—no fire hazard involved. Pick up luminary paper bags in your favorite pattern, then fill them with sand and a battery-operated tea light for a magical look all winter long. Discover More Winter Decor Ideas from RST Brands Can’t get enough outdoor winter decor ideas? Check out the RST Brands blog for more tips on winter decorating, winter outdoor furniture care, and tips on outdoor winter dining. And if your patio is looking a little bare, head to RST Brands to deck out your patio with new and high-quality outdoor furniture pieces, including dining tables, outdoor sofas, and patio umbrellas.