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Creating the perfect party pool deck

By RST Brands
April 20, 2014

Summer is just around the corner and it's time to enjoy the sunshine and heat at your favorite poolside spot. With the weather heating up, try adding a party element to the deck of your pool to create a fun setting where you can get together with friends and family.

Poolside bar
Laying out all day soaking in sun rays on your outdoor hammock beds can be extremely relaxing, but might also leave you a little bit dehydrated. You don't want to have to run indoors to grab something to drink, but you desperately need to fill your body with some liquids. The perfect solution to this problem is setting up a poolside bar where you can stock your favorite summertime beverages. Consider placing waterproof stools made of stone or tile in the water. You can also place a grill and refrigerator in the dugout of your bar, but be warned - your friends will never want to leave.

DJ booth and cabana
There's nothing better than having a steady stream of music playing during a summer party. To prepare for your next big event, consider installing a DJ booth and cabana on your pool's deck. The setup can be as elaborate or utilitarian as you want it to be. If you like having the maximum amount of privacy, you might want to go with a pre-fabricated cabana made with solid bamboo walls and a tiki-style ceiling.You can also let some breezes into the DJ booth by using thin drapes or curtains. Use a light-colored fabric to allow in sunshine. To protect your DJ equipment from any water or spilled drinks, consider installing an elevated stand that is completely surrounded by protective plastic or cushioned fabric.

Ambient lighting
When the sun sets, you won't want harsh light from common pool deck lighting to ruin the party atmosphere. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create ambient lighting that will keep the mood of your event at just the right level of fun and relaxation. Floating globes are one of the most interesting ways to light your pool and your deck. These illuminating spheres can be placed on the water or at the center of your outdoor furniture sets.The soft light adds a mystical feel to any poolside environment without being too extreme for your guests.