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How Patio Umbrellas Can Help Keep Your Patio Cool

How Patio Umbrellas Can Help Keep Your Patio Cool
By RST Brands
April 5, 2022

Patio umbrellas are the answer to how to keep your patio cool in summer.

How Do I Cool Down My Outdoor Patio?

One of the simplest and most versatile ways to cool down your patio is with a patio umbrella. To keep your patio cool and comfortable, you can install a gazebo top or enhance the area with greenery and fans. An umbrella with quality fabric also keeps harmful UV rays from ruining your patio time. Protecting the skin of loved ones as you enjoy and entertain outdoors will take your hosting cred up a notch. 

How To Choose Your Patio Umbrella

Most patio tables come with a reinforced hole for a center pole umbrella. Centered umbrellas are simple and classic, and they can usually cover the table evenly. But trying to talk around a pole can hinder conversation, and there is only one way to place the umbrella.

An offset stand and pole is the ideal way to go with your cooling patio umbrella. Offset patio umbrellas can be rotated to follow the sun, and tilt features allow you to keep things shaded and cool as the sun goes down. They are easily moved and adjusted for optimal shade coverage and to store out of the way when not in use.

We know decisions can be tough, so here’s some more help choosing the right patio umbrella

Light or Dark Fabric: Does It Matter?

Some will tell you that dark fabrics like a black patio umbrella will “trap” the heat and make you hotter, or conversely, the fabric “traps” the heat and keeps you cooler. On the flip side, you may hear that a dark color “reflects” the heat, which helps you stay cool. It can be confusing! 

So is it better to have a light or dark patio umbrella? The color doesn’t matter as far as cooling potential is concerned, so go with the colors that speak to you. However, you should also consider the fading factor, as subdued hues will show less impact of sun than brightly-colored fabrics that will display more obvious fading.

How Much Umbrella Do I Need?

Choose an too small umbrella, and you’ll find yourself doing the “shade shuffle” around your patio table. Get one that is too big, and it will encumber rather than enhance your deck setting.

To get that “just right” umbrella, determine the size of the area you want to shade, and search for an umbrella that has a diameter or lengths about 5 feet more than that space. For example, if you have a 4x4-foot glass-top table, then look at 9x9-foot umbrellas.

Market Umbrella vs Patio Umbrella

As you dive down the umbrella rabbit hole, you will likely wonder what the difference is between a market umbrella and a patio umbrella. Originally, market umbrellas were more sturdy than your typical patio umbrella, constructed to withstand harsh elements like rain, wind, and even snow as they protected the vendors below.

Being more about leisure than commerce, patio umbrellas are good for sun shade, but not meant to ward off Mother Nature’s meaner side. Today, quality patio umbrellas are just as durable and solidly constructed as most market umbrellas. This is wonderful when you don’t want to be chased inside by a little wind or rain.

Can I Leave My Patio Umbrella Outside In Winter?

While leaving your patio umbrella outside in winter may seem easier, it's not advisable. The fabric is bad for the temperature, and the weight of snow and ice can rip the umbrella or bend the poles and brackets. So pack it away during winter and follow these other tips for caring for your patio furniture.

What Is a Good Patio Umbrella Brand?

Portofino resort umbrellas are some of the highest quality patio umbrellas you can use to keep your patio cool this summer. The Sunbrella marine fabric lends exceptional design, comfort, and living to your outdoor dining and relaxation experience.

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