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How to Arrange Furniture on a Small Deck

How to Arrange Furniture on a Small Deck
By RST Brands
May 14, 2020

Small patio blues got you down? Never fear! All you need is a little creativity to turn even the smallest patch of boring concrete into an enviable backyard oasis. Learn how to arrange patio furniture on a small deck and you’ll be dining al fresco in no time flat.

How Much Space Do You Need for Patio Furniture?

Sloped backyard or extra tiny patio? Sego Lily Collection is designed to utilize the maximum potential of your space. 

Before you get carried away planning this dreamy patio situation, you may be wondering—do you even have room to make this whole plan come to life? Luckily, if you’ve got even a few square feet of patio space, you probably have enough room for a small patio set.

Patio furniture comes in all shapes and sizes these days, and there’s more diversity than ever when it comes to finding something to work in your space. So whether you’re living in a New York studio fit for ants or a lavish property in the countryside, you can most likely pull it off.

What Kind of Furniture Fits in Small Spaces?

Sloan Café Setfeatures a high café table, a pair of cushioned armchairs and ottomans that fits most small patio/deck/balcony. 

The type of furniture you buy depends on the size of your space. If you’ve got an itty bitty patio space, look out for a bistro patio set—a small-scale table and chairs designed for 2-4 people. If you have a little more breathing room, you could add in living room furniture like a love seat and small lounge chairs. Still have space to spare? Let’s live it up! Add another larger sofa, an outdoor coffee table for your weekend brunch and cocktails, and lounge chairs for soaking up the summer sun. 

How to Optimize Seating for a Small Patio

If you think your tiny patio only offers enough seating for you and Fido, think again. A little inventive furniture arrangement can give you enough room for you and all your human pals, too. Check out these small patio setup ideas:

  • If you have a long and narrow space, try grouping several sitting areas so you can easily host a bigger group.

  • Incorporate benches along the wall to maximize seating for a crowd.

  • Choose stackable or folding chairs so you have diverse seating options without taking up as much space.

  • Hang a swing to get seating without taking up ground space.

  • Buy benches and tables that have hidden storage.

Additional Features for a Small Patio

Kanab can be configured in any way you like to best fit your unique outdoor space. With a slim profile, comfortable seating, and durable materials, it's a great set from morning coffee to casual evening drinks.

So far we’ve delivered some really creative small deck furniture ideas—you’re welcome! But you’ll really take your patio from blah to wow when you add some finishing touches. Here are some ways to jazz up your small patio space:

  • Layer outdoor rugs to get a cozy vibe and add visual interest.

  • Add a touch of life and greenery by incorporating potted plants.

  • Decorate furniture with accent pillows and throw blankets.

  • Set up patio lights to give your space that magical glow at night.

  • Include a fire pit for entertainment and warmth on a cool evening.

  • Add a fountain and enjoy the peaceful sound of flowing water. 



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Bring that palm spring vibe into your cosy home with Quin Cafe Set. With weather-resistant wicker, this set will have a spot in your outdoor space for years to come.

See? Your minuscule patio ain’t so bad after all. Grab a good book, a steaming mug of coffee, and a pair of sunnies, because it’s time to take advantage of your fab, revamped outdoor space.
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