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How Do You Clean Moss Off Outdoor Furniture? | RST Brands

How Do You Clean Moss Off Outdoor Furniture? | RST Brands
By RST Brands
June 25, 2020

Having a quality outdoor furniture set just makes you feel like you’ve really made it in life, right? You can grill it up with friends, you can chill outside after a long workday, and you can even kick your feet back while you make your kids do the yard work. (Er, not that we’re speaking from experience over here.)

But along with the indulgences of adulting comes some responsibility—meaning, yes, you have to actually take care of that nice outdoor set you splurged on. Without proper maintenance, your outdoor furniture pieces can collect dirt and even grow moss. Yikes. Your furniture won’t be so luxurious in that icky state.

So how do you remove moss from outdoor fabric? And what is the best cleaner for outdoor furniture? We’re here to spill all the deets on how to clean moss off outdoor furniture.

What Type of Outdoor Furniture Can Grow Moss?

Not all types of outdoor furniture are easy targets for moss, thank heavens, but unfortunately many of the most popular styles are. If you own a wicker, plastic, wrought iron, aluminum, or teak furniture set, you’re going to have to regularly clean the pieces in order to avoid moss. And though that humid climate may keep your skin hydrated, it ain’t doing your furniture any favors. The damper the climate, the faster moss will grow.

How To Remove Moss From Outdoor Furniture

So, you’re going to have to manage moss growth if you own any of these types of outdoor furniture. But the cleaning process doesn’t have to get in the way of your next summer soirée. Here’s our guide on how to clean algae from your garden furniture, how to remove moss on metal lawn furniture, and more.

Wicker and Teak

Wicker and teak require a cleaning every two to three weeks. Pull out a soft-bristled brush, a bucket of water, soap, and go to town. And what is the best cleaner for outdoor furniture?  We recommend any gentle, oil-based soap, such as Simple Green for Outdoors, Scott’s OxiClean, Goo Gone, or CLR.

Plastic and Wrought Iron

Outdoor furniture made from plastic and wrought iron might be a little more stubborn than wicker and teak. You’ll want to use the same general cleaning process and repeat it just as often, but use dishwashing detergent rather than oil-based soap.


Aluminum furniture can be cleaned just like plastic and wrought iron. Grab a damp cloth, dishwashing detergent, and soft brush to get rid of any marks. Then rinse with a hose and call it good.

Fabric Cushions

We’ve covered all types of furniture materials, but how do you clean outdoor furniture fabric? Slash away that moss growing on your fabric cushions by first vacuuming, then wiping them down with a cure-all mixture of 2 tablespoons dishwashing detergent, ½ cup of Borax, and 1 bucket of water. Be sure to let the mixture meld together for about a half-hour before use, then rinse and let cushions air dry when you’re done.

More Tips on Caring for Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

All right, we’ve talked about moss and algae enough to last us at least a year. Those dirty words are leaving our vocabulary right now, because you’ve got this under control. And if you’re looking for more tips on keeping your outdoor patio furniture in tip-top shape? Check out the RST Brands blog today and learn from the experts.