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How to Cover Outdoor Furniture for Winter: What You Need to Know

How to Cover Outdoor Furniture for Winter: What You Need to Know
By RST Brands
December 31, 2021

Leaving patio tables, chairs, and sofas out in the cold could shorten the life of your lovely furniture, which would clearly be a tragedy come spring. But don’t stress it! We’ll explain everything you need to know about how to cover outdoor furniture for winter.

Should You Cover Outdoor Furniture?

Still not convinced? Wondering whether you should even cover outdoor furniture? That’s an easy one: The answer is a resounding yes. Though outdoor furniture can be crafted from a variety of materials, just about any furniture set will benefit from getting covered up for winter hibernation.
Although, if you live in a climate that’s moderate and dry all year round, we take that back. You’re the exception, and you may go now.
But the rest of you? Take note. Covering outdoor furniture for the cold and wet season will protect it from rust, mold, cracking, mildew, and more.

Which Outdoor Furniture Covers Should You Use?

Here’s a life lesson you’ve (hopefully) learned by now: Not all products are created equal. If you find an outdoor furniture cover at an outrageously cheap price, there’s probably a reason. So resist the urge to check out that online cart!
The best outdoor furniture covers are made from heavyweight polyester fabric, which offers that sweet-spot balance of being breathable but also weather-resistant. Look out for breathable mesh panels, treated fabric, reinforced zippers, and a cover that’s washable, too.
Better yet, find an outdoor furniture cover that’s designed just for your furniture, ensuring the perfect fit. Check with the manufacturer to find out the recommended size and style of furniture cover, and you’ll better protect your outdoor furniture from moisture.

When Should You Put Outdoor Furniture Covers On?

Congrats! You’re now an expert on how to cover outdoor furniture for winter. But what time of year should you tackle the job of covering your furniture? Is October too early? Is November or December too late?
In short: It depends. Every region has a slightly different climate, meaning the best time to cover patio furniture will vary. But you’ll be in good shape if you make sure to cover your patio furniture after the first frost and before the first storm.
Don’t worry about stalking the weatherman—as long as you put the covers on early in the season, you’ll be doing your duty to keep your outdoor furniture in good shape for as long as possible.

How Do You Protect Outdoor Furniture in the Winter?

So how do you protect outdoor furniture in the winter? We’ve already discussed the benefits of a furniture cover, but there’s a bit more to it. Here are some additional steps you should take to shield your furniture against fearsome wind, rain, snow, and the rest of Mother Nature’s mighty weather.

  • Wipe down furniture: Before covering patio furniture, it’s best to wipe it down with a simple soap and water solution. Then let it dry fully before covering it for the season. (Moisture could cause mold and mildew to develop.)
  • Scrub rust and debris: Once you’ve cleaned your furniture, you may still notice some debris or stubborn rust buildup. In that case, it’s time to bring on a little more elbow grease and scrub off the rust before it spreads.
  • Take certain furniture indoors: Outdoor furniture covers can do wonders to protect wood and aluminum furniture in the winter. But if you own iron, wicker, or rattan furniture, it’s better to move those pieces into a shed or garage for the season.

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