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Living large in a small bathroom

By RST Brands
August 13, 2014

Your bathroom doesn'tneed to have lots of space in order to be big on style, function and sophistication. Next time you're renovating your bathroom, consider these space-saving tips:

Opt for a pedestal sink
A bulky sink can tend to take up room and weigh down a small bathroom. Instead, opt for a pedestal sink. This will offer you more floor space to work with, and white pedestal sinks can easily blend in with any bathroom style, whether it's vintage, traditional or modern.

Add a skylight
Let as much natural light into your bathroom as possible to help make the space seem open and airy. If it's not possible to install windows on your bathroom walls, consider a skylight. This allows light to stream into the room while still offering you privacy.

Use wall space
Take advantage of the space on your walls to hang wall-mount shelves that can be used to store anything from linens to bath essentials. This will keep clutter at bay, helping to make your bathroom appear larger.

Hang towels
There's one valuable space in your bathroom that you may be overlooking: the back of your bathroom door. You can attach two or three towel racks to the door's surface to store towels and keep them out of sight.

Install clear glass doors
Help your shower blend into the rest of your bathroom by trading out your curtain for beautiful glass doors. This gives a luxurious look to the space while creating a visually larger room.

Select large mirrors
Hang a large mirror above your pedestal sink, or group a few together for a decorative arrangement. These mirrors will help bounce light around the room, creating a space that appears bigger than it actually is. If you can, place mirrors across from a window in order to reflect the most light.