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Outdoor living room design ideas your yard needs now

By RST Brands
August 17, 2014

The advent of weatherproof materials has transformed the term "outdoor living." What used to consist of a few plastic lawn chairs and cushions you kept indoors except when in use now looks more like chic spaces generally reserved for the interior of your home. Your backyard patio can support an outdoor living room that will allow you to relax and enjoy fresh air. Using the right products, materials and design ideas, your deck can become the indoor/outdoor sanctuary you always dreamed of. Here are some tips and inspirational ideas sure to take your patio from OK to amazing:

Get inspired
Before you start throwing together furniture and decorations on your patio, gather some design inspiration. Check out images online of spaces that really strike your fancy. What is it you love about those outdoor living rooms? The colors? The atmosphere? Answering those questions will help you establish a design of your own. You can also look up pictures of your favorite vacation spots and create a relaxing environment that has a similar feel.

The right furniture makes the difference
You can't very well place a normal sofa on your patio and expect it to withstand weather. Well, you could, but you'd be thoroughly disappointed. If you want to design a stunning outdoor living room, you need the right furniture. The sofas, coffee tables, cushions, etc., you use to outfit your space need to be made of weather-resistant materials so they'll last a long time. Fortunately, finding such sturdy outdoor seating is actually pretty easy - RST Brands exclusivelycreates weather-resistant furniture that's not only ready to tackle wind and rain, but is totally stylish.

With sofas, sectionals, tables and ottomans made of aluminum and rattan wicker, RST Brands ensures you have what you need to create a comfortable outdoor living space. Take a look atthe Resort Five Piece Seating Set, for example. This lovely sectional is durable and has weatherproof cushions. You won't have to worry about your sofa being ruined by rain - that's kind of a must when it come to outdoor living room design.

Unleash your inner decorator
Purchasing weather-resistant outdoor furniture sets is your baseline when creating your patio living room, but the fun doesn't stop there. You can decorate your nature-exposed space the way you would any other room in your house. Find artwork, lighting fixtures, rugs, and odds and ends that you feel add a sense of hominess to the space.

As always, look for decor pieces that can withstand adverse weather. Outdoor rugs these days are just as decorative as indoor versions. Clay pots, synthetic wicker baskets, glass vases and metal candle holders all look lovely and are durable. Conversely, you might want to avoid canvas paintings and instead hang mirrors.

When you select your lighting, make sure it not only matches your overall design concept but is built for outdoor use. You can ask the sales associate where you're shopping whether or not a particular model makes a good choice for your covered patio.