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How to Plan a Romantic Outdoor Dinner at Home

How to Plan a Romantic Outdoor Dinner at Home
By RST Brands
August 1, 2016

Going out to dinner can be a real hassle and restaurant meals can get expensive. Skip the long lines and forget paying for parking by hosting your next romantic dinner at home on your backyard deck! Follow these great steps to transform your outdoor space into the perfect gourmet dining area for you and someone special.

1. Pick the Spot

Romantic dinners require a change of scenery. If the weather is warm, turn your backyard into a lover's oasis. Set up your outdoor dining set on the patio or even in the grass and go barefoot. For colder months, bring that lightweight patio furniture inside and create a cozy dining spot in front of the fireplace.

2. Plan Your Meal

Use this opportunity to display your culinary chops. Make the whole experience a date by hitting the grocery store together, followed by prepping and cooking the meal. If you're looking for a more relaxing experience, contact a local caterer or order out from your favorite restaurant. Accompany your meal with a paired cocktail, wine, or even beer.

  • Save time by marinating or breading meat ahead of time
  • Opt for easier to eat pasta such as tortellini or ravioli
  • Oysters, basil, almonds, and asparagus are great aphrodisiac ingredients to use
  • Take it easy on garlic, onion, and strong spices

3. Set the Mood for Romance

Turn off any main lights and dimly light the outdoors with candles, decorative strings of bulbs, or even lamps. Play instrumental music in the background from a stereo or through a relaxing internet station. Set up a picnic-style floor bed in the grass equipped with fluffy pillows and soft blankets on which to later enjoy dessert or stargazing.

4. Prepare a Proper Table

Dress up the table with a clean tablecloth, place a small bouquet of fresh flowers in a short vase for a colorful centerpiece, and set the table with nice dishes and silverware, even if you're just serving take out. Cloth napkins can also add a fancy touch to your dining experience.

5. Dress Up

Even if pajamas are the official uniform of your home, ditch the baggy duds for just one night. Just as you dress for a night out, dress to impress at home. Dressing up for a special dinner at home shows your effort in wanting to look nice and makes the dinner a special treat.

6. Go Dessert!

It's not a romantic dinner unless it ends in sharing a delectable dessert. Splurge on fancy truffles to pair with wine or champagne or set out toppings to make your own ice cream sundae. You could even skip the fancy dinner and make the candlelit dessert the sweet surprise main course. Clear off that patio this summer and visit RST Brands to make your furniture stand out for your romantic outdoor dinner at home.