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Tips to create a kid-safe outdoor space

By RST Brands
April 23, 2014

If you have a little one in your home, chances are you have already taken precautions to keep them safe by babyproofing every room in the house. But as the weather warms up, your family will be venturing outside to enjoy your custom yard design out back. So don't forget to pay attention to hazards out there too! Creating a safe space for your child to explore will make you feel safer so you can focus on having fun with your family. Here are a few tips for babyproofing your backyard:

Provide soft seating
You can approach the babyproofing of your outdoor space the same way you do the inside of your home. Opt for soft, padded seating when it comes to your outdoor furniture set to protect your little one from corners and sharp edges. Quality furniture with plush seating and durable covers is the way to go. Every collection RST Brands offers gives your family a comfortable and elegant way to enjoy the outdoors. Choose the soft and long-lasting Deco collection to give your backyard instant appeal without glass or plastic and the sharp corners that might come with it. Bounce your baby while relaxing on the cozy love seat and club chairs for hours in the warm summer sun.

Prevent access to water features
You can install an attractive barrier around your pool or water feature to protect your little one. Shop around for a style that fits your outdoor decor. Clear fiberglass walls look sleek and modern. Wood fence-like barriers fit well with a country garden theme. Just make sure it is at least 5 feet high and anchored to a stable base for maximum protection.

Fire bowl vs. fire pit
A fire element in your backyard instantly adds value to the space, but keep safety in mind. Fire pits are usually outfitted with glass pebbles that are attractive to children because they are shiny, so instead opt for a fire bowl. RST Brands has the perfect solution. The stylish copper bowl is 35 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep, and is not only an attractive focal point, but is safer for your child than an open pit. A metal mesh cover protects you and your little one from stray embers.

Avoid toxic plants
Consider planting edibles in your yard like vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Most plants like these are considered nontoxic and safe for curious children to taste. Stay away from plants like mushrooms and oleander. Prickly plants like roses and cactus should also be avoided, along with plants that have small colorful berries like olives. Berries and olives are choking hazards for your child.

Store hoses out of the sun
If you leave your hose laying in the sun, the water inside it can heat up to temperatures that can scald your child. Make sure you store your hose away, especially during hot months. Consider a handwoven rattan deck box that can keep all your metal gardening tools and hoses safely out of the way so your child can play.