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What To Do With Patio Furniture In The Winter / Patio Furniture That Can Be Left Outside In The Winter

What To Do With Patio Furniture In The Winter / Patio Furniture That Can Be Left Outside In The Winter
By RST Brands
December 31, 2021

You get that impressive salary, and then you realize . . . taxes. 401(k)s (yes, being an adult means putting the little k in parentheses). Insurance. You buy the house with the beautiful, mature trees, and then you realize . . . yard work. Falling leaves. Root damage. And you invest in that high-quality patio furniture and suddenly . . . it’s winter. And you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do with it all.

Sure, you’re navigating the world as a grown adult—but knowing what to do with patio furniture in the winter isn’t a given. Which is why we’re here writing this guide. Check out our tips to get the skinny on patio furniture that can be left outside in the winter, the best outdoor furniture for snow, and more.

How to Handle Different Types of Patio Furniture in Winter

Obviously, the easiest route to handling patio furniture in the winter is to simply leave it out. But not all patio furniture is created equal, and not every material can stand up to a harsh climate.

Now, if you live in glorious Southern California or Florida, you’re probably okay on all fronts. Let’s be real—you people don’t experience real winter, and therefore your patio furniture is ready to rock and roll all year long.

But if you live in a land of snow and ice and frigid winter temps? Then it’s time to do your homework.

1. Wood

Wood furniture like eucalyptus or teak should be treated with a sealant to keep it from absorbing moisture in the winter. Better yet, cover your wood patio furniture with a fitted, all-weather cover, or move it indoors.

2. Wicker and Rattan

Wicker or rattan furniture should likewise be covered or moved inside for the winter months, since water can soak into the material, then freeze, expand, and cause cracking. Be sure to clean your furniture with water and a sponge and brush away any corrosion before storing it.

3. Aluminum

You’re in luck! Aluminum is one of those ultra-durable materials that can be left on the patio in winter without getting damaged. However, make sure to properly secure your furniture to your patio in windy weather. Since it’s lightweight, it could take off in strong winds. Dorothy doesn’t need to be thwacked with a cute aluminum double lounger the next time she’s caught up in a twista’.

4. Iron and Steel

Iron and steel seem super durable, but they differ from aluminum in that they can get scratched, cracked, and develop rust when left out in inclement weather. There’s a reason Tony Stark lives in Malibu, after all. Store your iron and steel furniture in the shed, garage, or house for winter to prolong the lifetime of your patio set.

5. Stone

Natural stone materials are porous, meaning that moisture can seep into cracks and cause damage in the winter. Make sure to give your stone furniture a good cleaning and store it upright indoors to keep your furniture in good shape.

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Cold Weather and Snow

Below-freezing temperatures, rain, snow, and ice can really do a number on your nice patio furniture. But there are a few types of furniture that hold up to the extremes better than others.

Here is the best outdoor furniture for cold weather and snow:

  • Aluminum furniture: Powder-coated aluminum furniture is resistant to rust and mold, making it a perfect candidate for chilling outdoors, come rain or snow.
  • Composite furniture: Some furniture brands make high-quality composite patio pieces that can stand up to harsh weather. (Beware—we’re not talking about cheap plastic here. That furniture definitely needs to be stored inside if it’s going to survive the chilly months.)
  • Wood: High-quality wood patio furniture made from teak, eucalyptus, or acacia can survive the winter, but it’s vital to seal the wood before the cold weather comes. Use a snug-fitting, all-weather furniture cover for best results.

Find the Best Outdoor Furniture for Winter at RST Brands

You have the lowdown on what to do with patio furniture in the winter. Now put your knowledge to good use and find the best outdoor furniture for winter at RST Brands. From dining sets to outdoor sofas, you’ll find furniture made to stand the test of time. Shop today!