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What's your outdoor design style?

By RST Brands
August 25, 2014

Many homeowners choose to decorate their backyard using a theme - doing so ensures all your furniture, decorations and landscaping are coherent. If you're redecorating your patio space, you should take some advice from others and pick a single style. Of course, you have to know where your tastes lie. Start by looking at design magazines, images on the Internet and others' yards to find decor elements that speak to you. Using a collage of details that you like, you can pin point what your particular backyard look is. Check out these common design styles to discover which you should choose to guide your decorating:

Do you like clean lines, blocked colors and mixing materials? Then you might be a modern designer. If you go in this direction, your yard will be defined by geometric shapes, pops of color and possibly even unique structural elements. For instance, modern outdoor fireplaces might be made of dark stone rather than brick and be perfectly rectangular. Don't be afraidto get creative. Many modern designs mix materials such as metal, stone and wood.

Modern furniture: Looking for weatherproof and durable outdoor furniture to fit your modern yard? Check out the Sol Collection from RST Brands. This sleek outdoor furniture set is the epitome of modern. Each piece is made of aluminum and features a quick-drying mesh.

If you dream of escaping to the coasts of Italy, Spain or Greece, your tastes probably fall in the Mediterranean category. This design style is defined by a warm color palette, classic imagery and ornate details. You may see such materials as stucco, stone and dark woods. Additionally, you might consider planting Mediterranean-inspired vegetation. When planning your yard, look at picture of the Mediterranean coast for inspiration.

Seaside furniture: Of course, the right outdoor seating can support your Mediterranean design. We recommend the Astoria Collection. With dark aluminum frames that feature decorative elements, this outdoor furniture set will create the perfect mood in your yard.

Some homeowners want their backyard to feel like an escape to a tropical paradise. Such designs support relaxation, have bright colors and and are dominated by tropical plants. Begin your outdoor design planning by working on landscaping. The right greenery will make or break your theme. Then, fill in your yard with structures like gazebos and cabanas. Finally, fill the space with resort-like furniture and colorful decor.

Tropical island furniture: The Resort Collection from RST Brands is the perfect outdoor furniture set for homeowners who want a getaway in their yards. Made with rattan wicker, these pieces look like they belong in a cabana and will last a lifetime. You can even go all-out tropical by also getting a hammock bed.

European cafe
A mix of classical and urban, European cafe design will whisk you away to Rome or Paris. Your yard should feature stone elements, a warm color palette and mood lighting. You can also add chalkboard bistro signs to enhance the European feel of your patio.

Cafe furniture: The Astoria Collection also looks great in this design style. Of course, you may want to focus on getting cafe-esque pieces, such as the Sol Three-Piece Bistro Set.