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How to Create a Backyard Oasis: Design Ideas for a Relaxing Space

How to Create a Backyard Oasis: Design Ideas for a Relaxing Space
By Jordan Henrie
August 18, 2023

Every homeowner dreams of that ideal backyard—a personal sanctuary that welcomes you after a long day. While creating this safe space may seem difficult (or expensive), the truth is, with the right approach, it's entirely within reach

The outdoor space can serve as a mirror to our inner aspirations and desires. Whether it's the allure of a sunset with family or a personal morning ritual with a cup of coffee, it's our furniture and design choices that bridge the gap between dream and reality. 

As we explore the elements crucial to crafting this dream space, we'll dive into the significance of each choice, ensuring your backyard truly becomes an oasis.


The first step in any design journey is the foundation. For an outdoor space, this begins with selecting the perfect furniture. This is more than a mere functional choice—it’s about setting a tone for every experience that unfolds in this haven. 

RST Brands has meticulously curated collections that cater to varied design sensibilities. From minimalist to intricate designs, each piece resonates with both beauty and durability. Our emphasis on quality ensures your selections withstand the test of time, making the backyard a place of memories for years to come.

Relax in refined luxury with the Venetia™ 5 Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Seating Set, combining dark aluminum frames and plush cushions for a sophisticated, low-maintenance patio ensemble.


As our homes have rooms designated for specific activities, our outdoor space benefits from the same treatment. 

Creating zones can transform a generic backyard into a multifunctional wonder. Maybe there's a corner bathed in morning sunlight perfect for yoga. Perhaps there's a shaded nook, ideal for afternoon reads. Or a sunlit patch, waiting for that family dining table. 

Modular furniture from RST Brands ensures flexibility. As seasons change or family dynamics evolve, the beauty of modular designs is in their adaptability, always ready for transformation.


Beyond the visible is the experiential. The tactile sensation of a plush cushion, the soft embrace of an outdoor rug underfoot, the allure of a throw on a chilly evening. These seemingly small additions compound in their effect, creating an environment that cocoons you in comfort. 

Our selection at RST Brands, especially those adorned with Sunbrella fabrics, assure comfort without compromising on durability. It's this blend of style, comfort, and durability that invites and encourages prolonged outdoor moments.


Accessories, while often underestimated, play a pivotal role. They are the cherries on top, the finishing touches that complete a masterpiece. Consider the soft glow of a fire pit, its flames dancing in the evening breeze, or the gentle murmur of a water feature, offering tranquility. 

These elements, while supplementary, enrich the ambiance manifold. When paired with the foundational pieces from RST Brands, the synergy creates a sanctuary that speaks to the senses.

Experience timeless mid-century elegance with the Portofino® Casual 4 Piece Sunbrella® Outdoor Love Seat Group, promising deep comfort and weather-resistant durability for unforgettable patio gatherings.


Every journey, especially one of creation, is laden with introspection, decisions, and moments of clarity. Designing your backyard oasis is no different. It's an endeavor that requires vision, passion, and the right partners. 

At RST Brands, we pride ourselves on being more than just a furniture brand—we are co-creators in your dream. So, as you take these steps towards crafting your oasis, know that with every choice, a piece of the dream falls into place, waiting for you to step in and enjoy.