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Outdoor Graduation Party Styling Ideas

Outdoor Graduation Party Styling Ideas
By RST Brands
March 1, 2022

There’s room for all without renting a hall, and you can blend the best of Mother Nature with purchased party products to create the perfect setting.

Commemorate their academic accomplishments and embrace the excitement the future holds with these fun and creative outdoor graduation party ideas.

The ABCs of an Outdoor Party

Before we get into some fabulous outdoor graduation party ideas, let’s cover the basics for a fresh air fiesta. How do you have an outdoor party? Don’t sweat it! Plan well. 

A Is for Assessment

Assess your space to determine how much overhead cover you have in case of inclement weather. Decide if you’re comfortable with the gazebo and garage space you have, or if it might make sense to rent a tent, just in case.

B Is for Bugs and Block

For the comfort and health of all, have plenty of sunblock and bug spray on hand. Provide a couple on each table, decoratively displayed throughout the yard, or use personalized travel sizes as party favors. 

C Is for Capacity

Determine your outdoor seating capacity to keep guests from having to stand, making them tired, sore, and uncomfortable. Outdoor dining sets and fire tables are flawless for intimate graduation gatherings. Still, for a graduation extravaganza with lots of guests, you may have to rent or borrow some chairs, or keep it simple and ask your guests to bring their own.

Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

You’ve decided you want an outside party, but your mind won’t stop spinning. How do you do a backyard graduation party? How do you set up a graduation party? Relax. Here are some fun grad party ideas for you.

Potluck Party

You may be struggling with what you can serve at an outdoor graduation party. While the concept of each person bringing a dish to share may seem like the most haphazard way to plan a party meal, most of the time, you end up with a fantastic array of great food. If you’re quite familiar with your guest list and know that Aunt Marilyn makes awesome taco salad, and Uncle Vaughn will bring the three layer bars, you don’t worry so much about having all veggies and no desserts.

You can direct the potluck a bit more by assigning food categories and asking people to let you know what they will be bringing to the table. Another perk is that people with dietary restrictions can bring dishes that meet their needs.

Garden Party

Now you’re wondering, how can I decorate my graduation party at home? An outdoor graduation party is a great opportunity to show off your green thumb and use the power of plants as your decorator.

Start by decorating your patio with potted plants. Include blossoms and berries that reflect the school colors. Use annuals throughout your landscaping to add more color. Potted plants on each table can also be fun party favors. You can accessorize your outdoor furniture with pillows and throws in the school colors as well.

Photo Finish

We’re in an age of constant commemoration, so face it and embrace it by having a cool backdrop against which your grads and their friends and families can document the day. You can purchase cardboard backdrops, add grad year balloons, use bales of hay for a country theme, or incorporate a chalkboard or whiteboard for special messages.

Games and Giggles

Graduation parties are all about friends and family and FUN. Capitalize on the frivolity by setting up a game station with board games, cards, dice, and dominoes. Fill the yard with awesome energy-embracing games like these:

  • Mega Jenga

  • Giant Pong

  • Horseshoes

  • Cornhole

  • Ladder Toss

Pick up some prizes, make a few printable brackets and get a little friendly competition going. This will get your guests to mingle.

Think Outside the (Cake) Box

When you go to a graduation party, you can almost guarantee you’re going to enjoy some sheet cake. And these days, with new fillings and fun screen printing, those big cakes can get pretty creative. Don’t stop at the cake though. For some new takes on graduation party treats, consider:

  • A candy bar with to-go treat bags.

  • A sundae bar—hire an ice cream truck or make your own ice cream.

  • Renting a cotton candy machine.

  • Cake pops with fondue fountains.

Relax with RST

Enjoy the big day and relax! You can make the most of all of your big events and enjoy each and every day when you check out RST Brands for outdoor furniture and accessory options.