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10 Cozy Patio Ideas for Summer

10 Cozy Patio Ideas for Summer
By RST Brands
April 30, 2022

 If you have an empty area or one in desperate need of a makeover, don’t despair. Check these ideas to transform any space into an oasis. 

How to Make Your Patio Cozy

There is something magical about summer nights. Relaxing and spending time outside with friends and family are moments to treasure. How Do You Create a Cozy Outdoor Space on a Budget?Cozy patio ideas don’t have to be expensive. Check out some easy ways to create relaxing patios any time of the year. 

1. Bring in Some Light

As days get longer, outdoor lights serve more than just practical needs. When done well, lighting creates warmth in an outdoor space. You can create a pathway of lighting leading up to the patio, add overhead lighting above a sitting area, or hang string lights on the walls or wherever looks good. 

2. Cover It Up

If your patio doesn’t have a roof overhead, consider building a pergola or other permanent solid roof, like an awning. Patio coverings add shade and even some protection if you want to utilize the area even when it rains. 

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3. Add Some Furniture

Outdoor furniture brings personality to your patio. Simple couches, hammocks, or chairs are easy to jazz up with pillows and blankets. If you have a covered patio, these items will last longer. However, even if they’re out in the open, you can get good use out of items that are easy to clean and made for outdoors. 

4. Include a Water Feature

Some of the best backyard relaxing ideas include water features. Trickling water adds a certain ambiance with its comforting background noise. The sounds and sights of water have a calming effect that goes great with a summer gathering. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Fire

Depending on where you live, sometimes summer evenings get chilly. A fire pit on or near your backyard patio can be a lovely focal point for adult conversations or children eagerly awaiting some s’mores. 

6. Soften the Floor

Sometimes rugs are the perfect accents to tie an outdoor room together. They add color, cohesiveness, and coziness. Outdoor rugs are often easy to clean, depending on their material, and provide comfort for bare feet all summer long. 

7. Shop Online

Who says you have to buy new items? Look for great deals on gently used products via Facebook Marketplace, local classified sites, or Craigslist. You can also find great deals at local estate sale websites. If you’re interested in finding good deals in person, check out yard and garage sales. 

8. Roll up Your Sleeves

Remember, someone else’s trash can be your treasure! When looking for used patio furniture and other items, you might need to use your imagination. Some tables simply need a new coat of paint to be the perfect addition to your backyard set. Maybe that beat-up couch just needs some love and clean cushions. Get creative!

9. Play Music

An inexpensive way to make a cozier space is to play your favorite bands or songs in the background. This doesn’t require a deluxe or an installed stereo system. Create a playlist on your phone, connect to a simple speaker, and press play. 

10. Don’t Forget Plants

Some people forget that plants add that final needed ingredient for a cozy space, even outside among the trees and flowers. Hang them in empty spaces around the furniture or as an accessory on end tables. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries. Consider beautiful artificial plants for the same effect. 

Need Help Creating a Cozy Space?

After reading these easy and affordable ways to transform your backyard spaces into relaxing patios, you may still want assistance. Check out beautiful individual pieces and furniture sets from RST Brands. Give your patio a boost today!